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"Should I close the door to the bathroom?"

Translation:¿Cierro la puerta del baño?

June 16, 2018



So is "should" just assumed here?


'Should' is a word you use in English to make a polite request, it's not meant to be translated literally.


Here's my problem with these assumed words. Duo demands them here in this and one or two other lessons. But in every other lesson when I used these same assumptions, Duo marked it wrong.


Shouldn't it be al baño for to the bathroom?


Why isn't it "al bano"?


If it had said "of the bathroom," then "del baño" would have been correct. But the English sentence says "to the bathroom," and "al baño" should be accepted.


English uses 'to the' with keys, e.g. the keys to the house, the keys to the car, Spanish use del and de la, e.g. las llaves de la casa, las llaves del carro, it's just something you have to learn.


Mrs. Bunch, perhaps Duo wants to re-emphasize that prepositions are not translated word-for-word. Here, "to the bathroom" in English is del baño in Spanish. There doesn't seem to be a reason for Duo to accept something that would not be used in Spanish just to satisfy English diction.


Is "Debo cerro la puerta al baño" correct? It was marked wrong for me.


Great concerns posted by long-time learners... I too was stumped!

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