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"Ellos compraron regalos para la familia."

Translation:They bought gifts for the family.

June 16, 2018



They bought presents for the family was not accepted.


This is really an unbelievable stupidity


What tells me it is past time? I thought it was present time, how can I know?


The tense is encoded in the ending of the verb. The Spanish preterite conjugation uses a different set of suffixes than the present tense. Present tense is "ellos compran", and preterite is "ellos compraron".


I put presents and it wasn’t allowed


It's pretty common in US Midwest to say, 'gifts for the family,' and mean 'my/our family.' You are right, it could also mean another family.


Can we assume that the gifts are for their own family? Is the possessive not common for this context in Spanish? Why not "para su familia" or "para sus familias?


Yes. Spanish often uses some form of 'the' instead of possessive adjectives when it's clear from context to whom something (or someone) belongs.

This includes things such as close relations (los padres instead of mis padres) and parts of the body (la mano instead of tu mano).

If you do need to clarify, you can always specify whom the gifts are going to (nuestra familia, for example, or la familia de él).


Thank you. I assume, then, "la familia de el" is preferable to "su familia."


Not particularly. Unless you really want to put emphasis on it or need to resolve ambiguities, the usual possessives are preferred, "su familia".

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