"We are really enjoying this trip."

Translation:Estamos disfrutando mucho este viaje.

4 months ago


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Should "de verdad estamos disfrutando este viaje" be accepted? I tried "de verdad estamos disfrutando de este viaje" and "estamos disfrutando realmente este viaje" also but those were not accepted either. They want "mucho" for "really" but it seems to me that other options such as de verdad and realmente should also be accepted.


It's possible that the grammar in my sentences isn't correct. If that's the case, please let me know.

4 months ago


i totally agree! It's an error that 'de verdad' and 'realmente' are marked wrong and instead it wants you to answer with 'mucho'.

4 months ago


Now it says the correct answer is Nosotros estamos disfrutando este viaje. That version does not include any emphasis (really). Oh well Duo is a tipsy robot

1 month ago


My answer was as written above but was counted as incorrect. The correct answer given me was « nosotros estamos disfrutando de este viaje ». Then I come here and find they’ve plagiarized my work. Really! This ain’t right!

1 month ago

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Really enjoying! What does that mean? It should be 'enjoying very much' I know there is no 'very' in the Spanish but that is how it translates into English

3 weeks ago


¿Por qué no "disfrutamos mucho"?

6 days ago
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