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Spanish - cannot unlock lesson


I cannot unlock lesson "Past Tense" for Spanish course. I have completed all lessons above but "Past Tense" is still locked.

June 16, 2018



Have you been converted to the new Spanish tree? According to your user data file, your next lesson should be in "Common Phrases". Try re-doing that skill and see how it goes. You probably have several old skills with new content that will need to be re-done in order to unlock more advanced skills.


Yes I was converted to the new Spanish tree. I don't have "Common Phrases" in my tree though, only "Phrases" and it's full, I can only practice that skill. I understand that there might be few skills that I would need to re-done, but the problem is that some of them I have at level 5 and I can only practice them which seems is not counted as re-doing.


Lrtward is right.
Your extended user profile http://www.duolingo.com//users/marcin685664 shows "Common-Phrases" as your "next_lesson" with a starting at "lesson_number: 1".

Try a skill test-out which usually resets the old "missing_lessons (3/3)" and "num_missing (6/18 lexemes)" variables (pre-crown, old DuoLingo) which are indeed still touched by a "tree update": https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Common-Phrases/test

You indeed have already completed 36/36 level_sessions_finished random "crown session" (=lessons) and therefore reached crown gold (L5) status).

Right now there are no further unlocked crown skill level L0 (purple) skills for you to complete to unlock new grey skills.

But because of your converted (a bit "corrupted") extended user profile data, your SHOF progress page shows a small red dot behind the "Common-Phrases" skill: https://duome.eu/marcin685664/progress

These skills also have a RESET "missing_lessons" and "num_missing (lexemes)" variable, which you can easily fix by a skill test-out:

This will also fix your SHOF progress page ("+x lessons"), which is mainly based on the old lesson data (old DuoLingo) but also mixes in a few of the new crown session data variables.

Hope this helps and works (it did for me with my updated EN-PT tree).

Please let us know how it is going...


Thanks! After doing all these tests I unlocked "Past Tense" :)


Here, have two Lingots for all your hard work! :-)

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