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"Ellas pasan una semana en España."

Translation:They are spending a week in Spain.

June 16, 2018



Once again, I mistake ellos for ellas. Can't these words be enunciated more clearly and distinctly?


Couldn't agree more. seems like they lose the point of learning...ellos/ellas...both ought to be fine.


Well I disagree because I think it's important and useful that we get used to hearing and understanding how Spanish is spoken quickly. I listen to the sentence 4-5 times if I'm not sure what is said, and check the written form too, and I usually find in the end that I can hear the words that I couldn't distinguish at first. To me that's what I call learning.


Yes, so much this! It's hard to train your ear, and these short recordings that you can listen to over and over again help SO MUCH!


Isnt it they spend a week?


The present tense can be used for what happens (they spend) and for what is happening (they are spending). Both should be accepted.


In English we can also say we are passing a week someplace, but DL doesn't accept in this example


I've never heard it said like that, personally. is it a non-american thing?


It's American too. "I passed the day playing video games in my room."


It is used where I come from.
Duolingo marks it wrong. Get used to it. There are so many different ways


An English "they are passing" can be used as "they are spending". They're interchangeable.


" they spend a weekend in Spain" shall be accepted. Nobody knows if they are spending a week now or every year


But you've put 'weekend' rather than 'week'.


They are staying a week in Spain... Marked wrong, but it means the same thing to me.

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