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  5. "You pay fourteen pesos."

"You pay fourteen pesos."

Translation:Tú pagas catorce pesos.

June 16, 2018



I too wrote "usted paga" and not "tu pagas". I have reported it. In fact is it not correct that "tu" is superfluous if one writes "pagas" whereas "usted" should be used to avoid ambiguity?


It accepted "Pagas catorce pesos."


It didn't for me...


That is a correct and accepted sentence. What did Duolingo say was wrong with it?

If possible, please capture a screenshot to share with the user forum.

This will help us spot whether there is a problem with your answer that you did not notice, or if there is a problem with Duolingo that we need to report to them

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Not for me on June 9, 2020! I did have a typo - pagos, but it has accepted such small typos in the past, with a note to take care about the spelling. Why is "tu" being mandated here?


How am I supposed to know that it's informal and not formal here??


You're not. All the "you"s should be accepted. They may not have been added to the database yet, so use the Report button.


Shouldn't paga usted be accepted?


Not good teaching the word Pesos if you are wanting to learn Spanish for Spain??


Is it possible to include Euros , as in Europe that's what the Spanish use?


Tu pagas catorce pesos


Some of the English sentence sound really odd. You pay .. sounds like broken english.


I think they misread the price, of whatever I'm paying for, it was probably 140 not 14. And even that would likely be a bargain, again depending on what I'm buying. A more realistic phrase might be that one's change is 14 pesos.

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