"A mi esposa le encanta escuchar la música española."

Translation:My wife loves listening to Spanish music.

4 months ago



So it takes 20 syllables in Spanish to say the same thing in English wirh only 11 syllables? Wow! I better learn to talk very quickly (muy rápidamente).

2 months ago

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I'm confused. I thought "to listen to music" is "escuchar musica" (sorry, no accent on keyboard). If so, why isn't it necessary to translate this sentence as "My wife loves to listen to THE Spanish music.? DL accepts the sentence with "the" but offers the correct translation without it.

2 months ago


Just plucked through the words too fast, didn't check i had them all!

1 month ago


Why is the "A" needed?

1 month ago


Because the “le” could mean “to him/her/it” this sentence clarifies “to whom?” The answer... “to my wife”, thus “A mi exposa"

1 week ago


When do we use “se” and when do we use “le” ?????.

1 month ago


“le” is used whenever “to him/her/it” is needed. “le encanta” means to conjure a desirable feeling to him/her/it. (In english, we use “love”.) Just like “le gusta” means “pleasing to him/her/it”.

“Se” is used with reflexive verbs (“encanta” is not reflexive) as well as other ways. I’m not an expert on “se” however. Maybe someone else can better explain this often-used and little-understood (by us gringos) little word.

Not a native speaker, so someone correct me if wrong.

1 week ago
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