Word Occurrences: Free Biblical Hebrew eBook (3rd edition)

(This post has been updated for the new Gimmel release on July 19th 2018)

I have finished my third version of my book "Word Occurrences". It is a Biblical Hebrew vocabulary list based on word usage frequencies. This second version has many error corrections, more words, and I have made more word associations (in Green writing) in order to help memorization. There is not much left to do for the forth edition, just more words that are used less than 20 times, and any error corrections.

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This book called "Word Occurrences" has been about 2 years in the making. The main reason why I wrote it was so that I myself could review some words each day, and by the end of the month I would be reviewing most of the Biblical Hebrew words that were used in the Bible. This helps to keep word memory fresh in our minds, and reduces the chance that we will forget words that we have already learned. By grouping the words together into groups of similar words, it helps us to learn all of those similar words, and not just one word alone at a time.

I am also working on a book called "Hebrew Comparisons" which will list the important differences between Hebrew words in the Bible and Hebrew words used in Modern times. I have a sample of it on my website but it is not done yet, and will not be done for a few more months.

Let me know what you think.

June 16, 2018


Hi, you have done a wonderful job not only for the hebrew learning community, but for the christian too!. So thank you twice! May I ask How did you learn hebrew?

July 2, 2018

Thank you for your kind words, and you're welcome.

I came across a local Messianic group on the internet that just so happened to be in the town that I lived in. So I decided one day to go. It was also that same year that I started wanting to learn Hebrew but I did not see any real opportunity (This was in 2011). Anyway, when I went to their service I found out that the wife of the minister/preacher was Jewish and was also teaching Biblical Hebrew. So I started lessons with her and she even let me pay by doing yard work for her :). She recommended a Hebrew learning book that I bought for $40 USD, which I used to help my learning. I have since learned Hebrew from many other sources and then I have written a free Biblical learning book called "Learning Hebrew from Genesis", which I hope is superior to that $40.00 book. I do need people to help me proofread my book and tell me if I need to fix any errors. If anyone ever shows real interest in that book I will plan on writing a second version of it.

July 2, 2018

This post has been updated for the new Gimmel release on July 19th 2018

July 19, 2018
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