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"Často u svého stolu smradlavá jídla."

Translation:He often eats stinky meals at his desk.

June 16, 2018



jí smradlavá - shouldn't that be "she"?


The verb is non-gendered. Smradlavá is an adjective modifying jídla, which is a neuter plural noun.


I know comments like this usually get deleted, but please consider it in the constructive manner it's intended... Wouldn't the office lessons be more useful to the learner if they dealt with work-related vocabulary? Na příklad "The printer is jammed again. Could someone show me how to fix it?" nebo "You should talk to the IT department about that" nebo "The probation period of a new job is usually 90 days" a tak dál.


It is not true that comments like this often get deleted. Only comments that ate off-topic or otherwise do not follow the community guidelines may be deleted. These include comments that just state "This sentence is useless." "No one would ever say this." or similar.

The vocabulary of this course is frozen and cannot be changed. The sentences can only use the words selected for the course at its conception. We may think whether words you proposed should be added to thd future revision but some may turn out to be out of the A1 or A2 levels and other words that do belong into this level will get priority. BTW, smradlavý is likely not such a basic word but the resources and especially manpower for the first revision were limited. I, personally, was not on the team yet, nor do I significantly work on the next revision.


Thank you for caring enough to offer your suggestion in a constructive manner. One of the course team members who is closer to the "inner workings" of the system than I am will perhaps address the feasibility of your idea.


The current version of this skill is very short (only two lessons with several new words). It's likely to get a boost in the new iteration. Thanks for your suggestion.

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