Translation:¿Vas a visitar a tus padres?

5 months ago


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I used sus instead of tus. DL marked it wrong; but all dictionaries I checked said that sus can mean his, her, its. or YOUR. DL dropdown hint lists both tus and sus for your.
I reported it.

5 months ago

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Did you change the verb to agree with the possessive adjective though? To use sus, you also need to use "(usted) va" or "(ustedes) van" instead of vas. "Sus" only makes sense as "your" when you refer to the person(s) you're talking as usted or ustedes and not tú.

4 months ago


I used the second person instead of the third. Why is that incorrect?

2 months ago

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There are two forms of the second person, not including their plural forms: usted and . Either of these can be used here, provided you didn't mix them up:
¿Vas a visitar a tus padres? (2nd person singular, informal)
¿Va a visitar a sus padres? (2nd person singular, formal)
¿Van a visitar a tus padres? (2nd person plural, informal/what Duo teaches for plural of )
¿Van a visitar a sus padres?* (2nd person plural, formal)
For some reason, Duolingo insists that we translate this sentence in the singular and won't accept the plural versions.

(Note: I'm assuming you're talking about the Spanish sentence, not the English. Sorry if I assumed wrong.)

1 week ago

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Vas a visitar vuestros padres = wrong ?! (24.09.2018)

1 month ago


Why is 'a' needed before and after visitar? I thought visitar means to visit on its own.

3 weeks ago


The "personal a" used for personas y mascotas is the second "a" and the first "a" is part of the "going to" or "vas a" phrase indicating anticipated future action.

2 weeks ago
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