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  5. "They are carrying five bags."

"They are carrying five bags."

Translation:Ellos llevan cinco bolsas.

June 16, 2018



As it says "They are carrying" rather than "They carry", I would have thought "Ellos estan (with accent) llevando" would be better, but it's not accepted.


"Están llevando cinco bolsas" answered/accepted 2019 Feb 22nd.


I just answered "Ellos estan llevando cinco bolsas" and it was marked incorrect. :(

29 April 2019


It should be accepted. Did you report it?


Soy nativo español y la traduccion propuesta es errónea.- Lo correcto es "ellos están llevando cinco bolsas", una accion que se produce en el momento de expresarse, lo que no ocurre con la traducción propuesta.-


Here is the Dominican Republic we say "fundas", not "bolsas".


My teacher is a native Spanish speaker in Dominican Republic. He cautioned us to use fundas. Beach bags, trash bags and grocery bags are all labeled "fundas".

He said we would be understood if we said bolsas but adults might smile and kids would laugh. The word "bolsas" is much more commonly understood as an anatomy term. That may just be on the North Coast of DR.

SpanishDict.com https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/bolsa

bolsas (male genitalia)

a. scrotum

Necesita operarse porque tiene nódulos en las bolsas.

He needs to be operated on because he has nodules on his scrotum.


Agreed. It is one of the differences in the Dominican Republic that you just have to know! If you think someone is handsome here, don't call him guapo - he'll think you're calling him angry!


in spain we also say maleta as well as bolsa


I fully support the vision as expressed by my learned colleague jonnyhewer. A more correct translation should be : Ellos estan llevando .... as it is a present continuous form.


I just had están llevando accepted.


how would we know this? there is no president for un understanding the use of "and"

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