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"¿Hay mucha gente pobre en tu país?"

Translation:Are there many poor people in your country?

June 16, 2018



"Are many people poor in your country" Not accepted 4-8-19. I feel like it's an adequate translation to drop "there" out of this sentence.


It certainly conveys a close meaning. But it's not very literal.


It's similar, but it's not the same sentence (it would be different in both languages), so I wouldn't accept it either.


I would agree with you but DL doesn't accept it


This is accepted now 03/20/21


Shouldn't "Are there a lot of poor people in your country?" work here.

It didn't for me but I feel like it should.


That translation is perfectly ok, why it was not accepted DL only knows.


I'd think "Do you have" is also a good idiomatic translation?


I said "is there many.........." and wasn't accepted :(( oops


Earlier on in this exercise the Spanish word "ay" meaning oh, or ouch was used and in this question "hay" is used meaning " there are" amongst other things, it is difficult ( for me anyway) to pronounce them differently which would lead to confusion in a conversation. How do you pronounce each one so that they are distinctive from each other?


they aren't pronounced differently


I hear "mucho" not "mucha"!


Me too, but luckily I remembered that gente is feminine and changed my answer


I heard "mucha" in the fast sentence and "mucho" in the slow version. This speaker really drives me crazy!


There are a lot of poor people in every country. Idiotic question. The real question should be about degree of poverty and what the person means about the word poor.


I think Duo is teaching us to construct coherent sentences incorporating the words learned to date & the new ones for that section. Perhaps you don't recall or haven't yet done the FARM section if you think this sentence is idiotic :)


It doesn't matter. We can learn Spanish just as well with questions that seem idiotic to someone.

We're learning to understand Spanish and to translate from English to Spanish. We aren't memorizing things to say in conversations with native Spanish speakers.

There is no "should" here regarding content--only that the translations should be correct.

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