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  5. "Are you listening?"

"Are you listening?"

Translation:¿Tú estás escuchando?

June 16, 2018



Hands up if you're still struggling with "eres" vs "estas" heh.


I found a helpful comment on SpanishDictionary.com that gives a basic understanding of the difference between the two.

(from SpanishDictionary.com)

"Estas and Eres both mean "to be" when translated over, but they both have different purposes. Eres is derived from the verb "Ser", which is used to describe permanent and normal features. Estas is derived from the verb "Estar", and is used to describe temporary or changing features, like feelings, or having the seasonal flu. For example:

"Tú eres bonita." You are beautiful. (always)

What if we changed the verb? would the meaning change?

"Tú estás bonita." You are beautiful (right now).

I certainly think it does change meaning. Saying the latter quote is almost like saying "You aren't always beautiful, but right now, you are." It's not totally inappropriate however. Say if you were with your wife at the salon, and she asked if her hair looked better after the haircut, then it would be appropriate to use the verb "estar".

Another good example can tell us that some adjectives change meaning when using either "Ser" or "Estar".

"Mi Amiga es (Ser) lista." My friend is clever/smart.

"Mi Amiga está (Estar) lista." My friend is ready.

So, remember that the verb "Ser" is always used to describe a normal, permanent feature, and "Estar" is used for temporary and changing features."

  • It should be noted that this is just a general rule of thumb... There are exceptions to this rule, but more often than not it is valid.

P.S. the link is below https://www.spanishdict.com/answers/141115/what-is-the-difference-between-eres-and-estas


Oh Yes! I still have no idea how to use either of those words.


Why not "Tu escuchas?" ?


I think that will be "You listen". Escuchando is gerund tense, and estás could be translated as "are"


Yeah, but Spanish very rarely uses the present continuous. In normal speech, 'Tu me escuchas?' or 'Tu escuchas?' are correct.


What's wrong with "Esta usted escuchando"?


Escuchando. ¡Que una palabra bonita! Gracias, DL.


Escuchas? accepted


I put tu escuchas and was't marked wrong.


¿Escuchas? was marked wrong for me. But ¿Tú escuchas? was accepted. Too late to report the former.


Do you have to say "tú" why can't it be just "¿Estás escuchando?"


I think you can say that !!


Will someone please give me all the variations of the word ' listen'??


Type "Listen" into Google Translate and it gives a list of five choices. You can do that stuff on your own.


Es una pregunta, debe esperar por esta!!!

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