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Has Duolingo's Spanish Tree...

I was just wondering if it's me, or if Duolingo's Spanish tree has changed (not the added sectors) and also gotten a lot harder. For example, I was translating Corn is yellow. I typed Maiz es amarillo. They said I was wrong and that it was supposed to be El maiz es amarillo. Sentences like that I used not to get wrong. Can anybody explain? Thanks in advance!


June 16, 2018



Take this in the spirit of constructive criticism, but maíz es amarillo should be counted wrong. It's really rare for a subject to not be accompanied by an article, and when speaking in general in Spanish, we use the definite article (the opposite of how we do it in English.) Your sentence would not sound idiomatic to a native Spanish speaker.


That sentences always should be marked as wrong. You could say "Es maíz amarilo" (It's yellow corn) but not "Maíz es amarillo", it is understandable but not right in Spanish.

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