"I didn't like that book."

Translation:No me gustó ese libro.

7 months ago



why "ese" instead of "este"

7 months ago

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This and these both have t's. (Este, estos)
Ese = that

7 months ago


Este esta = this .. Ese esa = that

5 months ago


Does the 'me' refer to 'I' in the beginning of the sentence? And the conjugation of gustar refers to the book?

6 months ago


Gustar work like the English verb "pleases". So "that book pleases me" in this case. That's not the best translation, but it helps make sense of why it's "me" not "yo" and why gustar is in the third person.

5 months ago


The Spanish sentence "Me gustó ese libro" has "gustó" (it pleased) as the subject and verb, "me" as the indirect object pronoun that translates to "me" in English, and the noun phrase "ese libro" (that book) as the direct object noun. Literally, this translates to "To me, that book, it is pleasing." If you substitute the correct syntax/word order in English, the word-for-word interpretation is "That book didn't please me."

5 months ago


The one time that the accent mark over the "o" actually matters...

3 months ago
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