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New or old tree?

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How do I know if I have the new or the old tree in spanish? And if I have the old, how do I get the new tree? :P

My husband and I have different spanish trees, he has many more topics, for example travel and travel 2... We started using doulingo at the same time, a couple of months ago, I think it is strange that we have two different versions...

June 16, 2018



It is my understanding that everyone will be upgraded to the new tree after they have finished road-testing it on the people who got it early and worked the kinks out. We should all have it within a couple months. I don't have the new version of the Spanish tree yet either.


I am similar to the original poster. I have Basics 1, Basics 2, Phrases, Food, and Animals in my very first section. My friend started with others. Do I have the new or old tree?


The new tree is the one with more skills.


I see. I am not sure if I have more or less than others but it doesn't matter too much, I suppose. Thanks anyway :)

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Then I have the old. Of course I want the new tree so I can learn even more ;) But still have a LOT left on my current tree anyways :p


The new Spanish tree has 520 lessons.

You are on the old tree: https://duome.eu/Anebli/progress

  • Skills: 26/61+2
  • Lessons: 120/317+5


I have the new tree. I was trying to work on many parts and do the practice as well. Now I may just get to level one on my last topics, or it will take me forever to get an Owl.

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