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  5. "We are not angry now."

"We are not angry now."

Translation:No estamos enojadas ahora.

June 16, 2018



English "we" is gender neutral so how are we supposed to know it was enojadas and not enojados (unless I've missed something glaringly obvious - I'm a beginner)


Outside of a sentence being spoken by a female voice, there is no way of knowing if (Estamos-We Are); refers to Females only, Mixed company, or Males only.
Then again, Duo also exacerbates gender confusion by switching/mixing the speakers.


Thank you! That's what I suspected. I'm happy that Duolingo has now added some grammar tips to each unit, some simple explanations were really needed.


Female situations are often read by the Male voice and vice versa on Duo. The voices are not clues unfortunately. Just something else to confuse the students


I had the same problem - I assumed a masculine or mixed group which would require "enojados".


I also had this problem


When in doubt, assume the masculine form.


"No estamos enojados ahora" is currently accepted.


It didn't accept my same answer today 20 July 2020.


While it is possible that this was an issue early on in the development of this course, this problem no longer exists. Unless Duo provides a clear indication of gender/number, all forms are accepted in these lessons regardless of the perceived gender of the "voice" we hear.

Sometimes our errors are hard to spot at first glance. Remember, the "answer" provided is almost always one of several accepted answers. Just because this one uses enojadas doesn't mean enojados isn't also accepted. If your answer was not accepted, you may have to look beyond the obvious to find your mistake.


What you wrote is absolutely correct. Sometimes we can miss a letter or two and that could be the problem.


Why can't I say "nosotros no estamos enojadas ahora"?


All this discussion of gender and only one person asked why isn't nosotros used here. Any reason? It has always seemed redundant.


Your comment of redundancy is apt. As "estamos" means "we are", adding nosotros would indeed be redundant, but would perhaps read as "We ourselves are". So I don't think it is actually "wrong"


Confused.....used nosotros ad abobe users and was marked wrong, but prev Q used nosotros no estamos for 'we are not' and was correct??


I think it needs to match the feminine form of "enojadas" and be "nosotras", if you choose to include it in this sentence example. And if it was "enojados", I believe it would need to match with the masculine form of we, "nosotros." I don't know if there are rules for when the "he, she, they, we, I, you" for extra clarity is required to be added vs. absent. Hope this is helpful somehow!


This sentence can be written with or without nosotros/as. It is entirely correct either way, as long as the rest of the sentence is correct --- which includes the matching of the genders.

Nosotros goes with enojados.

Nosotras goes with enojadas.

The speaker may choose to add the pronoun, nosotros/as in this case, for emphasis or clarity.


Estamos no enojadas ahora.

Is this wrong? If so can anybody help me out with an explanation?


I am asking the same thing... any answers?


I think it is because the "esta" in "estamos" is the verb. And the negation always goes before the verb, like: "I no am tired"

Since the "we" and the "are" are a combined word, the "no" goes before "estamos"


it just doesnt make sense with spanish grammar.


Yes, unfortunately this is wrong. In Spanish, the "no" ALWAYS stays put right behind the verb it's modifying.

In English we use "not" AFTER the verb "to be" which can be confusing in this case. After all, we got it right every time when we spoke English xD

No somos personas listas. We are not clever people.

No estamos ayudándolo. We are not helping him.

Hope this helps!


why can't it be " estamos no enohadas ahora".


No must be in front of to be.. Cmiiw


Why isn't it "Estamos no enojadas ahora."?


The old version allowed me to see what i had written when i had made a mistake, and reflect on the differences with the correct answer. Not possible with new version


I agree, when the answer is long part of the sentence goes out of sight, and predictive text may change something without you noticing!!!


Why the feminine here for angry? There is no indication of gender anywhere in the sentence.


There should not be an incorrect answer for "enojados" since gender is ambiguous in the question.


Aren't "somos" and "estamos" interchangeable?


Most certainly not. Somos is the we-form is the verb ser, estamos is the we-form of the verb estar. Two different verbs, which both happen to be translated as 'to be'.

You can remember when to use Ser with 'e-Doctor': Event, Description, Occupation, Characteristic, Time, Origin, Relationship. You can remember when to use Estar with 'Places': Position, Location, Action, Condition, Emotion, State.

In this case, we are not angry NOW. This is our current state - and also anger is an emotion. We have to used Estar.


I just use the T in the word. The "T" word is for temporary situations: Soy/estoy, somos/estamos, ser/estar, etc. It may not be 100% accurate but it wins me most of the time.


Somos is permanent estamos is temporary


Thank you, I've been trying to figure out what is the difference between somos and estamos.


I just use the T in the word. The "T" word is for temporary situations: Soy/estoy, somos/estamos, ser/estar, etc. It may not be 100% accurate but it wins me most of the time.


It is more accurate to think of ser as referring to characteristics and professions, while "estar* is used for condition or location.

For example, banks, and schools, and supermarkets generally more or less permanently located, but we use estar to refer to them: Remember the sentence is one of the very early lessons? Donde esta el banco?


I can't remember where I read this 'saying', but covers 'most' and helped me a lot. 'How you feel or where you are, always use the verb 'star'.


Confusing gender just dosent help , especially when ones i done it and it was refused, please duolingo just stuck to one male or female and stop ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ around, please excuse my French, hasta luego amigo


Why is 'nosotros somos no enojados ahora ' incorrect?


I had two choices the feminine or masculine, nothing indicated it was feminine, so I went with the masculine, because as I understand, the masculine form is accepted whne you are speaking of a group mixed with males and females. Why not enojados?


I believe either "enojados" or "enojadas" should be correct. But if you were to use "Nosotros" at the beginning of the sentence then "enojados" would have to be used to match the gender and visa versa "Nosotras" with "enojadas".


Is enojada always feminine?


Yes. Enojado is an adjective and adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. For example: Él no está enojado ahora - He is not angry now. Ella no está enojada ahora - She is not angry now. Ellos no están enojados ahora - They (a group of men or a mixed group of men and women) are not angry now. Ellas no están enojadas ahora - They (a group of women) are not angry now.


When will Duolingo indicate the gender of the speaker?


I'm confused because I thought you had anger, like fear etc and used tener, can anyone help. thanks


Enojadas - v- enojados is confusing here, particularly when the voice is female but the cartoon character at the top of the box is male.


Why is nosotros no estamos enojadas ahora not allowed


Because nosotros and enojadas don't match.


why nosotros is not included, can someone explain when to use nosotros and when not to use nosotros?


Why can't I put nosotros no estamos at the beginning?


"Nosotros no estamos enojados ahora" is what I wrote and should be accepted.


¿Por que no "estamos no enojada ahora"? fue marcardo incorrecto.


Negation has to go before the verb, so "no estamos." Also "enojada" needs to be plural to agree with "estamos (we), so "enojadas".
"Enojados" should also be accepted.


I used enojamos instead of enojados and was marked correct with the suggestion to use enojados.


I could be way of base as grammar is not my strength but there are many people here asking why enojada vs enojado. The dictionary say that enojada is a noun whereas enojado is an adjective. They are using a noun for the concept of being angry. It has nothing to do with feminine or masculine.


Try enojados or enojadas. We makes it plural


I still don;t know when to use estan or estamos.



yo estoy ( I am)

tú estás (You [familiar] are)

él, ella, Ud. está (He, She, [You formal] are)

nosotros estamos (We are)

vosotros estáis ( You plural [familiar] are)

ellos, ellas, Uds. están (They Are)


I am guessing your "That" refers to your answer and that it was marked wrong. Next time this happens, take a closer look at what you wrote. There's probably a mistake --- probably just a misplaced letter --- lurking in there somewhere.


huff FOR THE LAST TIME I FORGOT THE LAWS OF LANGUAGE FOR SPANISH (i wrote estamos no enojadas ahora insted of no estamos enojadas ahora)


Το Nosotros τι σου φταιει γαμω το σπιτακι μου?


I'm confused. I went with enojados but it's wrong? Why?


so long as the rest is correct, that should have been accepted as there is no context of gender. Report such things.


Why is " Nosotros no estamos enojadas ahora" wrong?


Nosotros and enojadas don't match.


Why is" nosotos estamos no enojadas.." wrong? Why is the "NO" in front? Totally confused


When I initially wrote "No" before estamos, the hint instructed me to write estamos "No," instead. Now it's wrong?


I was confused by this answer, but after reading through the comments I realize that it is correct for a speaker that is refering to "we" as a group of females. I feel like it actually helped my thinking process.


nosotros no estamos enojadas ahora. What is wrong with this? Why are they saying this is wrong?


Nosotros and enojadas don't match.


Come on, how are we supposed to detect Duo is talking about an all female group when we've been told to assume all male groups should in ignorance be assumed


Both genders are accepted as long as the rest of the sentence is correct. Most of the errors here com from a mismatch between nosotros/as and enojados/as


Yeah? Well i'm angry now. Exain the rules


why not nosotros no estamos?


The picture is a guy, so clearly they should use enojados! Reporting...


Please ignore the perceived genders of the pictures and the voices. Just pay attention to the words.


Enojados accepted Feb 21. Either gender should work since there is no clue about male or female


Why can i not say : nosotros no .... and i have to say no estamos


We can't offer suggestions without seeing the rest of your answer.


Can any native/advanced speakers tell me the difference between "enojado" and "enfadado"?


According to SpanishDict, enfadado is primarily used in Spain --- enojado,* in LA.

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