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"¿Tus amigas españolas son simpáticas?"

Translation:Are your Spanish friends nice?

June 16, 2018



Am I the only who thinks that the speaker does not sound as if she is asking a question? I find this happens often with this speaker. The questioning inflection is not strong.


The robot lady sometimes has issues with her pitch in questions. Sometimes it works.


You wrote exactly what I was about to type. We are one mind.


I think my translation should be accepted. "Are your Spanish girlfriends nice?"


Girlfriend = Novia Friend that is a girl = Amiga


Maybe so, but "girlfriend" usually refers to a ROMANTIC partner, which is "novia." Typically, you would just say "amiga." Not sure if replacing "friend" with "girlfriend" is only an English thing, but it is not even used often anymore so I would just go with "friends."

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It's not even a general English thing, it's American. In Britain or Ireland "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" only ever meant a romantic partner.


I think that would be a very poor translation - you do know the meaning of the word girlfriend? Even "girl friend" is a bit ambiguous. In general, i think we have to accept that some Spanish words carry more meaning than we can translate into English (and vice versa).


"Girlfriend" can also be used to mean "A woman's female friend", but I agree that it's usually not used with that connotation.


If "girlfriend" means "female friend", yes, it should be accepted.


It can mean female friends and could actually be a nice way to convey amigas vs amigos

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From the audio only, how can one know whether the Spanish phrase is a question? To me it sounds the same as an affirmation.


Yes, I'm having the same problem when it says "type what you hear." If it doesn't sound like a question, you're not going to know it's a question.


Si, simpáticas y guapas.



Question: when to translate "simpático" as kind or nice? Any rules anyone can suggest? I went with 'kind' but DL wasn't! and marked it wrong.


"Nice" is usually the translation to go. Simpático mainly means that a person is likable to you. "Kind" would be talking about what the person does.


I believe that "simpático" can mean "kind" in some contexts, but that the primary meaning of "sympático" is nice." Think of "nice," "kind," and "sympathetic" as English words that are related but not identical in meaning, and of "simpático" as being a false friend (not really a cognate) of "sympathetic."


If they are not nice, they will not be friends for long!


amigas espanolas are feminine


True, but in English there's no diffrentiation


a bit of a stupid question really. the answer is hardly likely to be: "No, actually, my spanish friends are complete dross"


Did they really have to put rice as a choice? I'm on a shaky bus and that ruined my streak


how do you tell whether something is a question or a statement? just by inflection? the duo lady sounded like she made a statement and only the ? gave it away. are questions phrased the same as statements?


Spanish questions are usually pronounced with a rising intonation towards the end, like in English. The lady is a robot and has some issues with questions.


Is there a reason why it refused "Are your Spanish friends friendly?" Seems to match the meaning of "simpáticas"...


Simpático is closer to "seeming nice" or "likable", but I think "friendly" is close enough.


So living in Spain for a bit I always took simpatico to mean kind. Is this wrong.


It's kinda wrong. "Kind" talks more about the things that you do, while simpático refers to the impression you give.


can we put "son" at first as its a question?


It accepted "tus amigas espanolas sin simpaticos" without pointing out my mistake

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