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  5. "¿Quién lavó mis pantalones?"

"¿Quién lavó mis pantalones?"

Translation:Who washed my pants?

June 16, 2018



The cow, obviously!


It was done at the Cow Wash.


Its funny how this is probably the only sentence out of this whole lesson that I might actually use in real life, but I got so used to the animal ones, and now I'm like, "What the heck, who put that sentence in here?!?"


the audio has the emphasis on the a of lavó doesn't it?


I'm not sure which audio you had, but the new female voice puts the stress on the 'o'.


The animals on the farm do all this?! Wowzers! Off to buy a farm!


Who did wash my pants? Is it correct?


It's only correct if: 1) Your pants have been washed. 2) You thought person A washed them. 3) You learn person A did not wash them. 4) You want to know who actually washed them.

NOW it is correct to say "Who did wash my pants?" (Or "But who did wash..." or "So who did wash...")

However, I think this is actually a possible translation of the Spanish sentence, so try reporting it.


Vadim, it's correct but unusual. Normally, when you're asking a question with "who" or "what" to find out the subject of a sentence (i.e. trying to find out who or what is actively doing something), you won't use the "do" auxiliary:

  • Who wrote this? - asking about the subject, the writing person
  • What did he write? - asking about the object, the written text
  • Who called you? - asking about the subject, the person calling
  • Whom did you call? - asking about the object, the person being called
  • What do foxes eat? - asking about the object, the animals that are hunted
  • What hunts foxes? - asking about the subject, the animals that are hunting


Thank you very much for explaining it.

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