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"Este es mi correo electrónico."

Translation:This is my email address.

June 16, 2018



Is this the most common way of saying email address or is there a shorter version?


according to my dictionary it is not even a way of saying it. "correo electrónico" refers to "email". the shortest given is "el email". also given, which is logical, "la dirección electrónica"


I've seen "el email," "la dirección electrónica" and "dirección de correo electrónico." The last only seems to be used in relatively formal contexts - for instance, the pages discussing using cookies/gathering info about website users.


'Email' is also accepted


Why correo and not dirección?


Think of electronic correspondence vs. directions to your house


I believe correo is mail and the setence is referencing electronic mail.


The sentence, as far as i know, is wrong.


It is not.


Putting dress and address next to one another while I am in a hurry not to lose my streak was really sneaky from you Duolingo haha


This might be a silly question but can anybody please help me to distinguish between whether we use "esta" or "este", I'm assuming it is feminine/masculine subject, right?


Yes, that's just it. Both este and esta translate as "this" in English. Este is used to describe a masculine noun (like correo here), and esta is used for a feminine noun.


Esta is used for feminine gender, like esta maleta and este for masculine, like este sombrero


My son's school sent home paperwork today and it had "dirección de correo electrónica" for "email address" so this may be how you say it in a formal way.


I would think that correo electrónico is email, in the sense of check my email or electronic mail. Like French courrier électronique. What do you think?


That agrees with about every dictionary I checked. It's possible to use "correo electrónico" (email) as a short form of "dirección de correo electrónico" (email address), but it's a little weird. If you want to go short and precise, you can say "dirección electrónica" (electronic address) or just "email/e-mail".


Why do you not use "esto", the pronoun, rather than the adjective "este"?


Este and esta can be used as pronouns as well. Este is used here because it repesents a defined noun. Esto doesn't represent a specific noun, but rather a complex concept or an unknown object.


i wrote adress (with one d) and was marked wrong. Is this an English course?


Do you have to write correct i didn't and i got it write.


"es" is third / usted version. Why is it used for my? Shouldn't it be soy as in "Este soy mi correo electrónico?"


Elvensong, you make it too complicated for yourself. Soy means "I am", but you're not talking about yourself here. Instead, you're talking about "this" and "my e-mail", which both are 3rd-person objects. You can replace both by "it".


yeah i checked my dictionary as well


It isvery hard to understand this guy. I have missed most of his as his pronunciation is hard to interpret.


why este and not esta, whats masculine here?


Aug 28, 2018 - "Este es mi correo electrónico." The item this is known (correo), which is masculine.


First of all: I don't think I've learned this yet. Second of all: I thought "este" in its noun form is "esto."


Duolingo is all about "learning by doing". :)

Esto is a neutral pronoun. It is used when you're talking about a concept that is not represented by a certain noun:

  • Hemos perdido tres hombres ayer. Esto es no bueno. - We have lost three men yesterday. This is not good.

In this example, "this" doesn't refer to a specific noun, but to a larger concept.

If you have a specific noun something is referring to, like "correo electrónico", you need to use the gendered pronoun, in this case este, or esta for feminine nouns.

The same accounts for the other pronoun trinities: eso/ese/esa, aquello/aquel/aquella, and, by extension, ello/él/ella.


Except Duo uses "Esto/Estos" in front of a noun. Like "Estos gatos". I've seen it and since i was taught that this is not correct, I tried to get a discussion going on it


Estos is correct to use in front of a noun, it's the plural form of the masculine este. You just can't use the singular-neutral esto to refer to a noun.


el email can be used. easy!


It didn't sense my typo, and marked it as incorrect. :P


Why address? there is no word for direction? Why would some one not say " this is my email"


You can also say "This is my email" in English, but it sounds somewhat more coolouial if you're talking about your address. In Spanish it's more common to just say "correo electrónico" in that case, since it's already pretty long, and adding "dirección de" doesn't make it better.


please check your recordings


Which one would be the better one to use

This is my e-mail address.


This is my email address.

I personal think the first one looks better.


In its path from neologism to dictionary word, the email form is gaining acceptance. You can reliably use the unhyphenated form now. :-)


I put an eye instead of an e that's ridiculous!!


This is my email is the most common translation and is now accepted.


I wrote the exact same sentence in Spanish the question before and I got corrected to "Está es..." instead of "este es.." so which is it?


Does anyone else have trouble between ese and este,they sound the same when spoken on the test.


There is simple logic when using esta & este, tested against the descriptor.


este es mi correo electronico Sillywanke@gmail.com

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