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Why is good night feminine and good morning masculan

Good night is buenas noches and good morning is buenos dias

June 16, 2018



Everything in Spanish has a gender. Noche is feminine and día is masculine. That's just the way it is.

Why do we refer to ships as "she" in English?


Because "día" is masculine and "noche" is feminine and those words come from Latin dies (masc.) and nox (fem.).


I don’t know why but like the rest of the words in Spanish I noticed there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to which word falls on which side. So many times I felt like something should be either masculine or femine and it was the opposite. For instance, meat should be masculine. Idk why it should be but it just should be. I honestly don’t understand why that’s even built into the language to start with. It makes it so much more difficult to learn.


Indo-European languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Persian, etc.) have a hypothetical common ancestor called "Proto Indo-European" that has been reconstructed by scholars. That language had 2 categories for names of things: animated (things that move by their own, like people) and inanimated. Those categories evolved into 3 (masculine, feminine and neuter) in its derived languages. English used to have genders, but it lost them, Spanish lost neuter and other languages have mixed masculine and feminine in a new "common" gender as opposite to neuter. Those categories are things that languages (speakers in fact) do, just like English has verbs that form their past with -ed, others change vowels (drink, sing) and others have unexpected forms.


There is no rhyme or reason where the meaning of a word is concerned, but Spanish especially has a number of phonetic rules that decide whether a word is male of female. Most nouns ending in -o are male, most nouns ending in -a are female. There are exceptions (like el día or la radio), but about a dozen rules cover 90% of nouns: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammatical_gender_in_Spanish

But yeah, just because to you it would, for reasons you can't even describe yourself, make sense for "meat" to be a masculine noun, that doesn't actually influence grammar...

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