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"¿Puedes coger mi abrigo, por favor?"

Translation:Can you take my coat, please?

June 16, 2018



This verb has other connotations, so be careful.


Hi Gregorio, I was taught Spanish by a native Spaniard and she told us to be careful about this if we were travelling to Mexico (especially) and other Spanish speaking countries. but it is used in Spain as the original meaning of the verb... to take.. - but thanks for letting people know because it could cause embarrassment!


It's strange as DL seems to teach American Spanish (i.e. no vosotros)… so you think coger would also be used carefully


When in Rome do as the Romans do


I watched "Narcos" last night. In the interviews with Mexican cartel members, the word was used frequently and never as "take".


Now I really want to know the specifics :)!


In Argentina, for example, it would mean "Can you f@#$ my coat, please?" In some countries, they don't use coger in the meaning to take at all. In others, it depends on the context. I try to avoid this verb completely, but Duo sometimes doesn't accept anything except coger.


Can you F*** my coat please?


Better yet ... I thought they said 'amigo' !


No, not really. Logan's probably referring to the swear word in English (which has sexual implications when used as a verb). Because at least according to the top thread in this discussion, that's also one connotation of "coger."


When learning Spanish in Mexico, I was taught to use recoger and never leave out "re" of the word, they told me to only use coger in Spain. Tengo que coger un taxi, is a very weird sentence in Mexico (unless you want to have sex with a taxi), please make sure you say; Tengo que recoger un taxi when in Latin America.


Coger is one of those verbs with many meanings, depending on context. Since there is no context in this sentence I can see no reason why "get" is not as valid as "take". Can anyone enlighten me?


Coger, like tomar, is generally talking about a change of hands. You take the coat in your hand, then you have it.

"Get" in this sentence would rather seem like it means "fetch" or "bring", transporting it to its owner.


however 'bring' was marked as incorrect for me


Nico, that's because coger means "to grab" or "to take", not "to bring".


Can you grab my coat, please? is also accepted. Agrarrar is another word for that.



Don't use "coger" when speaking Mexican dialects of Spanish. It has a very crude meaning.


what's wrong with 'get' my coat


"Get" rather means "fetch" in this sentence, doesn't it? I.e. "transport it to me" instead of "take it in your hand". That would be traer in Spanish.


Please can you take my coat. V Can you take my coat please Very different interpretations In English in UK it is more polite to put the PLEASE at the beginning. Theither way it's more of an order with an afterthought please


What's wrong with "puedes tomar mi abrigo por favor" ? And, as long as Duo insists on teaching dirty slang words, how about some others?


Nothing wrong with using tomar here. And coger is not a "dirty slang word" in many places.


Can you take my coat, please? This is what is correct and what I have written and it won't accept it


Careful with this, Coger in Spain means "To Take", but in Latin America it means "To F**k"

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