"She hits Torg."

Translation:torgh qIp ghaH.

June 16, 2018

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Is "ghaH" in this sentence optional? I thought there was a previous question with this answer that read: "torgh qIp."


ghaH is optional in this sentence. There is effectively no difference in meaning between torgh qIp and torgh qIp ghaH. If you had been talking about a being capable of language and he/she was the one who hit Torg, then the assumption would be that is who you mean, either with or without ghaH. However, torgh qIp could also be interpreted as torgh qIp 'oH. If you had been talking about both a person and a thing, then adding ghaH or 'oH could really help to clarify which you meant. If you had been talking about both a man and a woman, adding ghaH does not clarify which you meant.


If there is sufficient context, yes. Otherwise, it would be there to specify that the subject is a "he/she" instead of an "it".


There is no context requirement. You can always drop pronouns in basic sentences. You might want to keep them for clarity, that it's never required.

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