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"Je jen málo známých a bohatých spisovatelů."

Translation:There are few famous and rich writers.

June 17, 2018



The usual collocation in English is "rich and famous", not the other way around. The translation is therefore really unnatural. I don't know whether "známý a bohatý" is a fixed expression in Czech, but if not it might be better to swap it round to avoid the awkwardness in English.


For the time being I allowed the reverse order in the answer.


Thank you for allowing the reverse order. In American English, "rich and famous" is the fixed word order for that phrase. I have only seen "známý a bohatý" in Czech. So is that also a fixed word order in Czech?


Both orders sound natural to me in Czech, with a preference for "známý a bohatý". Maybe the preferred order in both languages sounds better when the shorter word comes first - nicer rhythm? :)


How is the 'jen' translated in the sentence? Shouldn't it be 'there are only few rich and famous writers'?


Only a few is also accepted. However, different languages use different expressions. You cannot always just translate every word and get a natural sentence.

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