"Je jen málo známých a bohatých spisovatelů."

Translation:There are few famous and rich writers.

June 17, 2018

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How is the 'jen' translated in the sentence? Shouldn't it be 'there are only few rich and famous writers'?


And I would add, why "je" and not "jsou"?


Adverbs of quantity and numbers above four are coupled with singular verbs and followed by genitive instead of nominative accusative.

spisovatel je čtyři spisovatelé jsou
pět spisovatelů je
málo spisovatelů je


The usual collocation in English is "rich and famous", not the other way around. The translation is therefore really unnatural. I don't know whether "známý a bohatý" is a fixed expression in Czech, but if not it might be better to swap it round to avoid the awkwardness in English.

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