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Spanish Television

Anyone know any Spanish tv shows that would be good educationally? Thx

June 17, 2018



One DISH television channel I have watched is called HITN. It's basically like the Science Channel in Spanish. It's cool if you like science and language. Sometimes something you know about science will help you understand what they're saying. But, sometimes it's a little too fast and not so easy to understand. Some programs have captioning, but then it disappears on others. My roommate is a native Spanish speaker and got me watching it. But, if he's not there to help me understand, I sometimes get lost.


It's YouTube, not television, but Extr@ en EspaƱol is really good: https://youtu.be/Dfb9-ZTCA-E

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Try La Voz kids on youtube - It's a good intro to Spanish music but also the judges comments are worth a listen and are full of useful conversational vocab, and its good fun. Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxp1G6EQajc Good luck

Also try Easy Languages Spanish again on youtube


The big advantage of youtube is that you can slow down the speed if you cannot understand what is being said or once you are familiar you can speed it up a bit.


great tip for the easy Spanish on youtube... thanks


Check out my youtube channel I made / still making its over 1000 Spanish media put in to playlist. There are native Spanish Language professors: Espanol con Juan, Maria Espanol, Espanol Automatico , Vloggers, Cartoon/Comic Books, TV and I update it every day. hope you enjoy


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