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Future Tense: Reading DE to ENG


I am unsure as to the best way to read future tense.

Sometimes I read "Ich werde...", read the verb at the end, THEN come back to just after "Ich werde", and complete the sentence.

How might I do this better?

How do native speakers (and readers I should say) do this?


June 17, 2018



The future tense is formed by the verb "werden" and the infinitive form of the verb you "do". The conjugated form of "werden" comes second in a main clause whereas the infinitive usually is put at the end of a sentence.

Ich werde am Freitag in die Stadt fahren.

Er wird seine Hausaufgaben erledigen.

Sometimes the verb "werden" can be used as a stand alone verb.

Ich werde immer älter.

Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich Arzt.

I just like to remind you that in German we prefer to use the present tense when talking about the future.

You can use the verb "werden" for passive to but is constructed a bit different and doesn't need to be the future.


Interesting, 2 things... 1. Can you show me an example or two of the present tense being used to talk about the future. 2. How does this relate to passive (not there yet on my tree). Thanks!


Hi Eric, you can use the present tense for the future whenever you know you are definitely talking about the future. Most likely one has mentioned before that he/she will talk for example of tomorrow.

Morgen gehe ich zur Arbeit. Er macht seine Hausaufgaben nächsten Freitag.

Passive is formed of the verb "werden" and the participle perfect of a verb.

Das Bild wird gemalt (von einem Kind). = Präsens (present)

Das Bild wurde gemalt (von Sabine). = Präteritum (past )

Das Bild ist gemalt worden (von dem Maler). = Perfekt (perfect)

Das Bild war gemalt worden (von einem Unbekannten) = Plusquamperfekt (past perfect)

"Werden" is the verb one needs to make the sentence passive and it is used in different tenses.

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Just read the sentence as it is, if you have problems to understand, try to read it more times, if you still have troubles then just look at the words in whatever order that works for you. But don't skip around the first time you read the sentence, eventually you will get used to understanding the text from just reading it, it's just the matter of practice.


Will do thanks!


Just do what you said.

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