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"Perdón señora, ¿el aeropuerto está cerca?"

Translation:Excuse me, ma'am, is the airport nearby?

June 17, 2018



Close = nearby in English


Why is lady and Mrs. marked incorrect?


Cos DL have a bee in their bonnet about it for some reason. we wouldn't use a title in there at all in English but your alternatives are better than Ma'am which should, I believe, be translated Dona


Dads.S... The title "Mrs." in English denotes a married woman. When you don't know her, "M'am" (or "Ma'am," as Duo spells it), is a respectful address.


Actually, it is ma'am. It's a contraction for "madam", I believe. :)


English people very rarely say ma'am but Americans do. There should be a difference between American English and English.


"Excuse me maam is the airport near" is marked wrong.


RonaldPrid, "Maam" without the apostrophe is not a word. The apostrophe takes the place of the "d" in Madam, and is NOT slang, as someone here said, but the preferred word for respectfully addressing a woman you do not know, or who is in a position to whom one should show deference or respect, such as a teacher or female person you perceive to be older than you are.

If you can see her left hand and she wears no wedding ring, you may try "Miss" instead, which is also fine for young girls.

Where proper manners are still taught, such as the military, saying "Yes, Ma'am/No, Ma'am" is the polite way to address our mothers, as well. FYI, it is more commonly spelled "M'am," in the South, at least. That's the way I've seen it my entire life in the U.S.A., and I would trust that more than whatever Duo's been told. I may suggest that to be an accepted spelling next time I see the opportunity.

Butlers/cooks/maids/servants in the employ of wealthy people may still use the formal-sounding "Madam" as the form of addressing the lady of the house, and "Sir" for the gentleman owner or his older sons, and use "Master Robbie/Phillip/Johnny/Bradley (or whatever their names are) for the young ones; and "Miss Abigail/Lucia/Mary/Constance (or whatever) for the unmarried girls of the family.

Perhaps because of the bad connotation of the definition of "a Madam" being the owner or manager of a whorehouse, the vast majority of America who are Upper-Middle-Class or below would not expect to be addressed as "Madam," although if you had a British accent, that would be fine, just as "Madame" would be, for one speaking with a French accent. :<)


Please change ma'am to one word


What is wrong with Is the airport close?


Nobody in England would ever use "ma'am, surely other forms of miss, madam, lady etc should be accepted? Generally speaking, it would be enough to say "excuse me" without adding "ma'am". But surely there's a middle grounf between American English and British English allowing for an answer other than "ma'am", which is almost exclusively used in American English. Nobody uses that in Britain. Seems unfair alternatives aren't accepted.


why isn't Lady accepted as well? a lady is a respectful term for a woman..


Lady should certainly be accepted!


I hate this 2nd woman automated voice. I know people will sound different speaking spanish but her words are so often clipped in the recordings.


Translating señora on Duolingo is inconsistent, señoras are ladies, but a señora is a madam? That doesn't make sense. Reported this. Ma'am instead of madam is already slang, in any case.


I agree with you. I would much rather be called lady than ma'am


Why "Sorry ma'am, is the airport nearby? " was marked wrong?


At least in the US, you'd never say "sorry" unless you'd bumped her or stepped on her foot. For asking directions, you say "pardon me" or "excuse me". (You can also use those if you've bumped someone, but you usually also say you're sorry, too. "Oh! Pardon me! I'm so sorry!")


I was marked wrong for "nearby" but that is the way most Americans would express the notion.


"Excuse me ma'am, is the airport near here?" should be accepted also. Reported this on 6/28/2018.


"Near here" is "cerca de aquí"


Sr.Cisne, "Nearby" was accepted Nov. 25, 2018.


The audio doesn't sound line a question to me!


Posted on the Forum, SpanishDict by MacFadden: ¨Hello, and welcome to the forum. Traditionally, this has been the distinction: señorita is like 'miss' in English; it is used for unmarried women. Señora is used for married women. However, Spanish has been having something of a gender equality awareness awakening recently, and, at least in some places, there is a trend toward calling all adult women señora¨. Okay, the followng is my take on this subject, since we will be using Spanish when we travel, I try to ignore a translation, even if it is cringe-worthy, to get on learning Spanish. I myself would not call anyone Ma´am but many people use that expression to get your attention. This is not wrong but when people started calling me Ma´am, instead of Miss, I thought, "did I suddenly get old"?


I agree with tessbee, Near here is "cerca de aquí". Who makes up the rule?


I used ' close' instead of 'nearby' and it wasn't accepted


Why is: el aeropuerro está cerca? Correct. Could: Está el aeropuerro cerca? Work too?


I wrote "Ms," which is the accepted equivalent of both "Senora" and "Senorita" when you do not want to say "Madam" or "Miss."


Miss instead of ma'am is more current.


Miss should have been accepted


It said "Type what you hear" which I did correctly,and was marked wrong!!!!!


Paul42.., Ha-ha! Sometimes what you think you hear could be a line of gibberish!! What Duo means is to type the proper Spanish words that you hear, that make an intelligible sentence! ;


ma'am is not used in English, it's 'miss''


Close is also a valid translation for cerca. Nearby is not the only option


"ma 'am" in two words is clearly a mistake, it should be one word, this is confusing (though amusing too) - anyway, why not "madam"?


close by?????


I would say Miss not knowing if she was married or not. I would not insult her by making her think I was addressing her as an older woman. A "madam" or ma'am also refers to a person in charge of a house of ill repute (whore house). Therefore "MISS" should be acceptable! !!!


excuse me lady is the airport near? Why is wrong?


Why was usted not used .. señora is formal or someone you've never met


Why is "cerca" in this application translated as 'nearby' and not 'close'? Does it have to do with the more formal address?


"Is the airport near here" should be accepted. I reported it.


Amazing I spelt pardon with an e and got wrong


Exactly what I wrote


excuse me lady, is the airport close


This is definitely not how we would phrase this question as Ma'am is not used in UK. I accept this is the American way as I am Anglo American but both should be accepted (Madam and Ma'am)


nearby really? I'm getting dinged for near and not nearby? my god...


Is using 'disculpe' ok here?


Why is Excuse miss, is the airport close? marked wrong


Ma'am - a contraction of "Madam" is one word, not two.

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