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"Te queremos invitar a la fiesta."

Translation:We want to invite you to the party.

June 17, 2018



why not 'queremos te invitar' instead?


You can either write "Te queremos invitar a la fiesta." OR "Queremos invitarte a la fiesta."

When a sentence has two verbs, you can usually place the pronoun before the conjugated verb or you attach it to the infinitive (or gerund).


i fing it helps to look at these sentences like te YOU queremos. WE WANT invitar. TO INVITE etc...


I had the same question... anyone?!?


i just want to say to the people who help here, and the people who are learning... some people learn their own language or other languages often without knowing what an adverb or adjective is, and will never really digest the full point of reflexive or conjugated etc.

Many people have a natural tendency to learn, like music, by ear. when we were 3 4 5 6 we learned to put sentences together without know the technical structure of our language. it doesnt mean youre stupid, itjust means you think and learn in a different way. so sending links or referring to a previous post can be a little patronizing. I continue to read the technical explanations but they dont sink as quickly and easily.

Ive personally found that examples of sentences that are correct and/or incorrect and rhymes like ''this and these both have t's', enable me to work out the meaning of the technical stuff like a detective using deduction.


Thanks Loiusa - I was really feeling left behind with much of the grammatical comments so it's good to know my way of learning is not unusual! (",)


How would you say "we want you to invite...."


queremos que la invites i got this off spanishdict, hope it helps (it translates to 'we want you to invite her')


Wouldn't it be more common to say queremos invitarte instead?


I know that 'we want you' is 'te queremos' and that's why this sentence is confusing me. is it wrong/people never use queremos te invitar? I know ivitarte is an alternative. But do people use queremos te invitar?


Same question .. any comments by native speakers 'Is queremos te invitar' is also accepted or its completly incorrect


See comment right at the top from Kirsten for the answer.


A nosotros te queremos invitar a la fiesta. Is it also right?


"You" is definitely missing in this sentence! Can any Spanish speaking person reply to Monogenes1 question?


It's not missing though. Invites is the conjugated form of invitar for tú.

e.g. quiero que le traigas una flor - i want you to bring her a flower (i want you to / to her / you bring / a flower)

Edit: Did this exercise change ? Why did I even mention invites? Who knows. Not going to delete it though as it's technically correct and seems to have been useful to some people.


If I had to translate this English sentence into Spanish my beginners intuitive approach would be "queremos invitas a la fiesta". Is this wrong, and why the somewhat convoluted way above?


The second verb must be the infinitive and you forgot the pronoun. Now you say something like 'we want you invite to the party'. That's wrong.

  • we want - queremos
  • we want to invite - queremos invitar
  • we want to invite you - queremos invitarte


Muchas gracias - so "queremos invitarte a la fiesta" would be correct?

To me that's easier to understand (and get my head around) than "Te queremos invitar a la fiesta" (You we want to invite to the party!) because the first sentence above follows the order/flow of the English sentence.


The article (you) is in a very different place (... after 2 verbs ???)


How would you translate it in Spanish if "you" is plural?


I left the right reply

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