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"Te queremos invitar a la fiesta."

Translation:We want to invite you to the party.

June 17, 2018



why not 'queremos te invitar' instead?


You can either write "Te queremos invitar a la fiesta." OR "Queremos invitarte a la fiesta."

When a sentence has two verbs, you can usually place the pronoun before the conjugated verb or you attach it to the infinitive (or gerund).


I had the same question... anyone?!?


How would you say "we want you to invite...."


queremos que la invites i got this off spanishdict, hope it helps (it translates to 'we want you to invite her')


Wouldn't it be more common to say queremos invitarte instead?


"You" is definitely missing in this sentence! Can any Spanish speaking person reply to Monogenes1 question?


It's not missing though. Invites is the conjugated form of invitar for tú.

e.g. quiero que le traigas una flor - i want you to bring her a flower (i want you to / to her / you bring / a flower)


If I had to translate this English sentence into Spanish my beginners intuitive approach would be "queremos invitas a la fiesta". Is this wrong, and why the somewhat convoluted way above?


The second verb must be the infinitive and you forgot the pronoun. Now you say something like 'we want you invite to the party'. That's wrong.

  • we want - queremos
  • we want to invite - queremos invitar
  • we want to invite you - queremos invitarte


Muchas gracias - so "queremos invitarte a la fiesta" would be correct?

To me that's easier to understand (and get my head around) than "Te queremos invitar a la fiesta" (You we want to invite to the party!) because the first sentence above follows the order/flow of the English sentence.


The article (you) is in a very different place (... after 2 verbs ???)


Do we really have to translate ´fiesta´? Ugh.


not really, una fiesta loca is also a crazy fiesta

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