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MP3 file available by any chance?

Hi. How are you? I started to learn German from English a couple weeks ago. I just wonder it is possible to download mp3 for sentences what I practice to listen. It would be really handy to practice when I am driving or cooking etc. Please let me know if it is possible or there are some plans to do that later. Thanks.

Kind Regards, J

June 17, 2018



May I recommend this phrasebook:
The mp3 files are free, the transcript of the sentences are available online or in the app. I have only downloaded the mp3 files and use them in my usual player on repeat all, that option was missing when I last looked in the app.


I tried the single language MP3 course (PX-PX) for Portuguese Brazil (dropping EN-PX and DE-PX course translations).

How annoying do you personally find the double repeat (too short break) of the same word / sentence?

I can not imagine to really listening to it for a longer time when I am e.g walking.

I think (for me) the best with 50languages is still to see the written text script in front of me on my computer and to click the Play audio button once (or as many times I need, with a custom break which fits me if I really do not understand the longer sentence or shorter word/phrase).


Maybe the breaks are different for different language packages or when the source language is also included. I use the TR from GE package and don't think the breaks are too short for me. What I noticed is that the female voice sometimes offers an alternative translation.


Have you already tried the FREE (donations welcome on Patreon) LT: https://www.languagetransfer.org/complete-german

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