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Adverb placement

Does the sentence "Morgen fahre ich" make sense grammatically?

I'm translating "I drive tomorrow" but I'm emphasizing when I'm driving rather than just making a broad indicative statement.

June 17, 2018



It's fine. To put time adverbs first is very common to emphasise them.


Vielen dank. What other parts of the sentence are able to be emphasized in this manner? If I said "Ich möchte das kaufen", could i emphasize what I want to buy by saying "Das möchte ich kaufen"?


In fact any. The first position is the strongest. So you have to be a bit careful not to exaggerate. Of course not the verb, that would make a question of it. Das möchte ich kaufen is like hinting with the finger. Yes, you got it. So, if the seller does not understand you and asks: What? The answer is: Kaufen möchte ich es.

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