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  5. "Quiero tomar el autobús."

"Quiero tomar el autobús."

Translation:I want to take the bus.

June 17, 2018



To my ears his 'el' sounds the same as 'en'. I know I don't have good hearing but I don't seem to have the same problem with the other speakers....


Why no 'Que' after Quiero?


There are two possibilities why you might want to use que here:

  1. You have seen a construction like "Tengo que tomar el autobús" - "I have to take the bus". But that que only goes with the verb tener (to have). The verb querer (to want) doesn't use que or any other particle. The next verb follows directly.

  2. You can use que to say that you want someone to do something. But in that case you need to conjugate the second verb in the subjunctive: "Quiero que tomes el autobús" - "I want you to take the bus." (lit. "I want that you take the bus.")


i wrote quiero tomar el autobus, without an accent. It didnt accept my answer


Did you report it


I think it accepts one small mistake. For me at least. But if you wrote it literally that way, then it would also consider that all sentence is small letters and no dot at the end.


You know that could also mean literally taking the bus in english, right? To make it more specific you could say "i want to ride the bus.", Instead


If you're refering to "taking the bus for yourself so you own it", the Spanish sentence can mean that as well.


Why "the bus" is correct, but "the autobús" is wrong?


The word "autobus" is not used in English, especially not with an accent mark. It's always just "bus".


“autobús” is a Spanish word.

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