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"What do you think about those words?"

Translation:Co si myslíte o těch slovech?

June 17, 2018



Proč je špatně překlad Co si myslíš o těch slovech??


Není špatně, tato věta je uznávána.


Why is it not correct: "Co přemyslís o těch slovech?" And wasn't "myslet" used without locative "o", but only with accusative "na"? Or is it different for "myslet si"?


What's up with the "new" woman's pronunciation of the 'ch's, in "těch slovech?" She seems to have some sort of non-standard accent. Strange. I only heard her for the first time recently - in the 5th or 6th section, i think.


Maybe the TTS is not exactly accurate and the hiss at the and is slightly too high-pitch, but it is nothing that would make it a different sound or dialect or anything, it is perfectly understandable.


OK. Well, I guess I will have to get ears checked because to me it does not sound like she is pronouncing the voiceless velar fricative, 'ch.'

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