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"Señor, ¿usted usa el teléfono?"

Translation:Sir, are you using the telephone?

June 17, 2018

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should not this be "usas"?


Usar: to use ;congugations; Yo "USO" ; Tú "USAS"; Él/ Ella/ Usted "USA"; Nosotros "USAMOS"; Vosotros "USÁIS"; Éllos/ Ellas/ Ustedes "USAN";


Right but in this sentence, why is it not the Tu form of the verb, "Usas"? "Usa" indicates he's referring to him in third-party but he's talking directly to him (I.e. you)?


You are right that 'Usa' is third person singular form but same form is also Usted form along with Él and Ella form.

Usted form of verb is used for formal conversations. Here word señor means this is formal conversation.

'Usas' can be used in non formal conversations with our friends or family members.


Is there any option to bookmark your comment so that I can come back to it later? Please let me know if you have any idea.


I want to know the same thing. Where oh where have my comments gone?


In starting the sentence with the more formal address of "Sir" (senor with a tilde on the n), it is reasonable to assume the formal 'you' should be used: "usa" instead of "usas"


Thank you, very helpful!


I typed "Sir, are you using the phone?" and it said im wrong...


It may have been that you typed "phone" and not "telephone."

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How do you know to put the verb before usted? Necesita comes before but usa comes after.


I put ustad after necesita and it worked. I think they both fine.


I used Mr. instead of sir because Duolingo said I could use it,but I GOT IT WRONG!



How important is the correct use of formal and informal in Spanish? Would a native who is a stranger to me be insulted if addressed by the informal form, either in error or not? Are they very strict about it?


A Spanish speaking friend of mine did say that some people will take the incorrect use of Formal and Informal as insulting. However if the person knows that you are not fluent in Spanish they will understand. If they think you spoke that way on purpose, they will be offended.


I can imagine certain situations where it could be used as an insult but I think more of us learning Spanish are more unsure of whether we can use the informal forms with people we just recently met and hope to be friends with.

And I wonder how that varies from place to place. I imagine that much like the US and England are separated by a common language, probably Spain and Argentina are as well.


My aunt would highly disapprove. If you don't know, go with the formal when out in the real world. If you're practicing here in DL, go with the obvious; if they don't use "sir" or "ma'am", then you go with the casual "tu".


How do we know this sentence is in continuous tense?


It can also be in simple present "Sir, do you use the telephone?"


It should be allowed be but when I used "Sir, do you use a telephone?" I got it wrong.


Why would "usted" be placed before "usa" rather than after, like, for example, "está usted ocupado"?


Why can't I use mister instead of sir?


In Spanish, is there a distinction between "are you using..." and "do you use..."?


Esta usted usando el telefono?


Why not usa usted


how do we know where in the sentence we should use "usted"? is it before or after verbs?


Do you use a phone - is a mistake ?


Why does "usa" in this instance mean "you" instead of he/she/it?


Spanish has two forms of the second person, you. There is an informal 'you' and a formal 'you'. When the formal 'you' is used, like in this sentence, the verb is conjugated just like it is for the third person (he/she/it). The use of 'senor' (with a tilde on the n - can't do it with this keyboard!), which means 'sir', clues you in that the formal 'you' is being used.


What's the difference between uso, usa, and usas??? I'm confused.


Uso is used with the pronoun yo, usas with tù, and usa with él, ella and usted. Note that the endings here have nothing to do with gender; only are they dependent on the pronoun.


Why is uso not right


"uso" means "I use". In this instance the translation is "you use" so that is why it is "usa". Does this help?


is it really correct? can it be used for present continuous tense as well as simple present tense?


Yes, usa can be you use, you are using, and you do use.


I would have expected Está usando el teléfono to reflect the continuous sense. Is the basic present often used to mean the continuous?


You're answer is also correct, but yes, the simple present is often used in Spanish when an English speaker would use a continuous.


I am a spanish speaker and the correct answer is: Sir, do you use the telephone? cause "using" in spanish is "usando". The correct translation for "Sir, are you using the telephone" is "Senor, usted esta usando el telefonfo?


It's not that simple. Spanish uses the simple present in many cases where English uses the progressive.

When my family says ¿qué comes? It should not be translated as what do you eat?, but what are you eating.


So "usa" can be used as present and past tense? 'Do you use the phone, sir' and 'Are you using the phone, sir' are translated exactly the same??


Do you... and are you... are both present tense. For past, it would be did you....


instead of use they corrected me "are using" whut -_-


What was the rest of your answer?

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