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How are you finishing your language tree?

I was not part of the old version of Duolingo, but i was introduced to this website via a video on youtube, that actually suggeested that i only move to a new skill only if i made the one before Golden. Which is what i'm doing currently, but the exercices are so repetitive that it kills your motivation from time to time. So i was wondering how are the other users finishing their Trees, are you guys moving on to the next skill only by making the one before Golden? or whenever you feel like you had enough knowledge concerning the skill you're doing ? Thank you

June 17, 2018



If by "making a lesson golden" do you mean reaching the level 5, then you don't need to do so. It is sufficient reaching level 1 and then the next lesson is open for you.

If you mean that finishing the German tree takes a lot of time, then it is true. I am making slow progress day by day. But I supplemented my learning with reading a book and it is more fun to me. I understand like 20, 30 percent, but it doesn't matter. (I know the whole story, I've read it before in English and Czech, so I am not completely lost.)


Which book is it? :)


Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen :-)


There's no better book to start, that's how I learned English too :) (I speak Dutch and French)


Exactly. Although I have some pretty strong objections against something in Harry Potter's world (for instance: nonsensical Quidditch rules), I still love this fantasy world and it is so much fun to decipher the story in German :-)


"Gold" in the video surely means skill strength 100% (words decay), not the "crown level 5 gold".

You can still re-strengthen old skills on your SHOF progress page: http://www.duome.eu/LatrachMed/progress when you click on the lightbulb "Practice" button per skill (not the global blue button on your offical DuoLingo "Home" page)

[deactivated user]

    I think that piece of advice is nonsense and directly against the advantages the levels can give you.

    There are various options and the best thing: you can choose your own.

    Some people like to get a section (or some even the whole tree) to level1, then everything to 2, then everything to 3 etc. But I don't think that is so great and it could bring more frustration than profit.

    From what I've read around here, many people seem to be doing the obvious (like me), they work on a few skills at a time, at various level. It helps to switch skills and give your brain a bit of a break before returning to the same stuff. At the same time, you are not spreading yourself too thin, trying to complete everything at once.

    I usually have 4 or 5 "active" skills at various levels. Duolingo is a fun practice tool, not the main course. It is not supposed to be a torture. I stick to each of the skills as long as I am not too bored (that means anything from 1 to 10 practices), then I switch to the next one. I basically make a circle of those 4 or 5 skills. And I add a new skill every time I get one to level 5.


    It is possible the video was made before the crowns were released. I would have suggested the same if there were still no crowns. I liked to get one skill golden after another.

    But using the crowns I had to adjust my way of doing the lessons. Now I am actually working on three to four skills at the same time. The last skill being usually on level one, the one before on lever two and the one before that on level three and so on. Then I can go backwards and forwards taking turns. When the oldest skill is at level five I pick up a new one and take it to level one.. This way I still get a good grip on new vocabulary but can still learn some new things.. ;-))


    I am also completing my tree this way but I'm confused how/why the crowns changed your method?


    Before the crowns were introduced I used to do every lesson in a skill as often as possible till I knew the words and grammar by heart and after this lesson was golden I went to the next skill. After that I tended to tackle the new one and did only hit the practise button in this skill.

    Having the crowns I can't redo the first level but have to move on.. So, there is the difference in this method..


    Some skills are easier than others. The verb ones always killed me, but some of the skills actually have interesting vocabulary.


    It can get boring but I just get a lesson maxed out/golded and then I just do 'practice' for like 2 hours and then move on to the next lesson if I have time.


    I finished my tree last year, and my goal is to get every skill to level 2, when I get there, every skill to level 3, and so on, and maybe one day I'll get the tree to gold.


    I am practicing using flashcards, and when I feel good, I continue.


    The video definitely referred to golden skills in Duolingo before the update. Now you actually have several options to choose from on how exactly you would like to progress in Duolingo.

    Personally, I prefer to get each skill to level three and then move to the next skill. Sometimes, if I don't feel confident in a skill after getting it to level 3, I can practice to make it level 4 or even golden. But I rarely do that. I don't really have a goal of making the whole Duolingo German tree golden. That would be an insane waste of time for me.

    Sometimes, when I'm too bored, I can also do what other people suggested, which is starting several skills at the same time. But this approach is not very efficient for me. I am not very good at multitasking.

    So based on my experience, I would recommend practicing each skill till you feel confident about your knowledge in it, then move to the next one. But who knows, the approach with starting several skills at once may work better for you.


    I usually get the skill to the 3rd or the 4th crown, depends if I have trouble understanding the material or not, and then start a new skill. I work on it until I have 400 points in total for the day. The next day I do the 5th crown/4th crown + 5th, and go back to the skill I started after the 4th crown one. It is repetitive, but that way I don't have to spend extra time in Tinycards and can just use Memrise for extra vocabulary.


    I stayed on one. I only did the 10 points a day. It took me almost a year, but I was just focused on getting my daily points, so I ignored the repetition.

    Now I am focused on getting all the achievement badges before I move on it the next language.


    My approach has been to achieve Level 1 for the entire tree first and then go back and level up each branch to Max Level 5. I find this useful as the lower lessons mean more after I've made it all the way through the tree. Although there are times that the repetition gets a little tedious, I find that the lessons really get embedded in my brain. Also, I can always take a break and do some of the Lab Stories to make it more fun. Hope you find a way that works well for you! :-)

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