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"Me encantan los vinos españoles."

Translation:I love Spanish wines.

June 17, 2018



One moment. But does it depend on singular or plural "target of love". "Me encanta el vino" vs. "Me entantan los vinos"?


Yes, it does.


I'm super confused. I thought the answer would be "Me encanto los vinos Españoles" Surely the word 'encanto' means 'I love' and the word 'Encantan' means 'They Love'.
I'll donate Lingot for an answer.


Surely the word 'encanto' means 'I love' and the word 'Encantan' means 'They Love'.

Not at all. Actually, the Spanish structure is completely different from the English one. In English, you say "I love something", whereas in Spanish, you say "Something charms me". Therefore, encanto = (I) charm and encantan = (they) charm. Let me explain this sentence step by step:

Me encantan los vinos españoles =(literally) To me charm Spanish wines = Spanish wines charm meI love Spanish wines

N.B. There is a verb to love = amar, but it sounds really weird to use it with object. It's really meant for people, and if you do use it with objects, it sounds like "I'm in love with something"


Great answer. So the wines are actually the subject taking action in this sentence so the verb has to match?


Thank you Amine. I'm beginning to get a grasp of it.


Thank you for your very good explanation.

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