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How Duo can improve the Chinese course for English speakers

Recognize Sound & Character have to be learned separately as well as the meaning.
If I point at the character 书 it is wonderful that Duo tells me that means book, but I is wastefull to "Book" in English, hearing "Shu" would help me learn Chinese faster. As it is I lean the character means something in English, but I there is no connnection between the character and how to pronounce it. I have to keep waiting that maybe later in the lesson they will tell me how to pronounce it--sometimes that never happens so always give us the meaning and pronouncation together.

Likewise when Duo introduces a character, tell us the meaning right then, instead of waiting half way through a lesson--and then we have to guess the right meaning. Teach this like a Chinese learning course, not a course for reading Chinese that assumes we already speak it--which only happens in China.

June 17, 2018

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I think the addition of a word list would be helpful for the second suggestion, grouped by topic.

What I would like to see is a means of allowing me to choose which types of question formats to drill (maybe after maxing out a topic?). The ones I get the most use out of (after I have learned the Hanzi) is the ones where I either 1) have to translate a sentence from English to Chinese, or 2) Hear a sentence in Chinese and translate to English. Any other question after I learn the Hanzi, for me, is excessive.

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