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  5. "Yo necesito un cinturón."

"Yo necesito un cinturón."

Translation:I need a belt.

June 17, 2018



Cinturon actually means seatbelt in most spanish speaking countries, should change this to "correa"


Seatbelt is "cinturón de seguridad". Cinturón works fine as "belt"


Yes, and correa = cinturón. That would work if we have to translate "belt" in the other direction.


but the kid is wearing overalls that is pants with straps over your shoulders that is like wearing a hat and saying you need a head band.


I thought the accent was supposed to be on the part that was emphasized. I think the female speaker in this program doesn't do a good job at pronunciation. I haven't noticed this with the male speaker. The i in cinturon seems like it should have the accent since that is the syllable that she emphasises. Can someone please explain to me why this not the case?


Why is that wrong: "I need a safety belt"?


It should be reported as a correct answer in order to increase the database of Spanish words.


It's wrong, because the real translation for safety belt is "cinturón de seguridad".

If you say only "belt" or "cinturón", it can mean "security belt", as a shortening, but it's not the real translation.
It would be the same to ask why "belt" couldn't be translated by "cinturón de seguridad".



That could also be A sentence, but it's not the one that they are looking for.


Cinturon in spanish Ceinture in french


Does this also apply to drinking? Because, after lessons I could sure use one.


What do you mean. I didn't get. Can someone explain to me, if it's a pun.


To PERCE_Neige: This verb sense of “belt” meaning “to drink” then led, by the 1920s, to the use of “belt” as a noun meaning “a drink of liquor,” especially a quick, possibly furtive drink (Bob stepped behind the bleachers and took a quick belt from his flask)


What's the difference between ò & ó I'm still new to the stresses. I did put a stress on the answer though i got confused by the two.


I typed cinturon without the ó and it just said correct without highlighting the fact that I had missed the accent. It should tell you every time you miss one, very frustrating.


Yes, it's cinturón. It's a bot, so, yes, very often she doesn't emphasize the good part of the word. I don't know for cinturón, as I didn't turned on the audio this time, but you can compare with the native speaker pronunciation here: https://forvo.com/word/cinturón/#es


I had the answer correct. How did I get it wrong?


seatbelt or belt


To Anna_Mom: Seat belt is "cinturón de securidad".


Why do I keep getting this


To Maximillio: Pointless comment. You need to say what you keep getting. This is a discussion forum.

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