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"Estos zapatos son muy pequeños."

Translation:These shoes are very small.

June 17, 2018



I know there's a difference between these and those, but I can never keep them straight. Does anyone have have any tricks to keep them straight?


"estas" vs. "estes" vs. "estos"?

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Ahhh, these. First off, there is no estes. Only estos and estas, which have intuitive endings. Same with the singular esta.

The only goofy ones are este for singular masculine and esto for concepts or something of unknown gender.

Note that está, estás, esté, and estés also exist---but they are all forms of the verb estar.


These v. those ? :(


These: estos/estas.
Those: esos/esas.


Answered with these shoes are too small and it marked my answer wrong. Checked the different meanings of muy in that sentence: (very, really,too)


Muy is "very", while demasiado is "too"


It would be great to get feedback on these recordings. I thought I had said the phrase perfectly, but I was scored incorrect, and I have no idea why! It could be a technical issue (with my laptop) but it could have been my pronunciation. It is frustrating that I have no means of knowing.


How do you measure the shoes? By there outer or inner size. Without the context I'd say she's looking at some baby shoes... If a shoe is too small for the foot, how do you say "too small" in Spanish? - "demasiado pequeño" ?

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Yep, demasiado pequeño/a. But avoid the common mistake demasiada pequeña. Demasiada means "too much", eg Hay demasiada agua.


Yes Lauren a good way to remember is that .... this and these have t's and that and those don't

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