"Mi abuela y yo tocamos el piano juntas."

Translation:My grandmother and I play the piano together.

June 17, 2018


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Surely a male voice should not be used in the listening exercise if 'juntas' is the correct answer?

September 16, 2018


Agreed. It's always jarring when the gender of a first person narrator does not match what is written. Now DL has both gender narrators, voice gender should be made to match subject gender in these circumstances.

September 16, 2018


Did you just assume their gender? (but seriously, the sound of one's voice shouldn't really matter)

June 27, 2019


I reckon it does matter in this case. As Gail points out, in this listening exercise when a male is talking in the first person it is natural to expect adjectives referring to him to be masculine.

Sure, you could be politically correct and suggest defining male and female is arbitrary, or come up with a context like the voice is just reading a book etc., but in conversation you would expect the speaker to use the correct adjective for their apparent gender.

June 28, 2019


It's not assuming gender to realize that juntas couldn't be used if a male were part of the "together" group, Xanderificus. And, yes, the sound of the prompter's voice on DL doesn't matter. (Very tricky, sometimes.)

June 28, 2019


My grandmother and I used to play the piano together. She taught me everything I know about piano. She passed away a few years ago, and now I play to remember her. I did not expect to get this emotional practicing Spanish, haha.

May 24, 2019


'' Juntas'' is used because we are talking about two women?

June 17, 2018


Yes. It indicates that the "I" is a woman/girl also.
Since there's no indication of that in the English sentence, when translating to Spanish "juntos" should also be accepted.

June 18, 2018


Is the pronunciation of "y yo" correct? It sounds cut off to me, but maybe I'm missing something.

July 13, 2018


You're not alone. I can't hear "y yo" either. One would think Dl would have someone with better pronunciation for teaching. Rather irritating, especially for us old folks.

December 14, 2018


Yes, impossible to understand except in turtle mode. But, "tocamos" provides a clue!

September 15, 2018


I wrote "play piano duets", but figured it would be rejected.

September 14, 2018


duetos de piano = piano duets

October 20, 2018


What is the difference between tocar & jugar? They are both To Play

June 15, 2019


I think “tocar” means to play an instrument and “jugar” to play a game.

June 15, 2019


Tocar: to play (an instrument), to touch

Jugar: to play (sports, games), to bet

July 31, 2019


I wrote "My grandmother and I touch the piano together" lol

August 19, 2018


I thought we needed a personal "A" when talking about granny.

January 14, 2019


Not when granny is the subject. It's only when she's the object that you would need the personal "a".

January 14, 2019


I wrote “my grandma and me”… is that incorrect?

May 11, 2019


Yep. Colloquially you may get away with it, but technically "me" is not a subject pronoun. Consider how bad it sounds when grandma is removed: Me play the piano.

May 12, 2019


Mi abuela y yo tocamos El piano juntas... So not fair that I cannot see what the problem is. I use voice texting for this app and if it does not get it right I don't always see

July 19, 2019


"My grandmother and I together play the piano" was marked as wrong

August 13, 2019


Why is juntos wrong?

September 12, 2019


If you're translating from the English to Spanish and the gender of any of the subjects is masculine, unknown, or, in the case of DL's first person audible questions, irrelevant, then "juntos" is fine.

But this question asks us to translate from the Spanish, so I'm unsure how you were required to use "juntos", unless it was a 'write what you hear' question, in which case "juntos" would be wrong (although, as mentioned above, it would be natural to expect "juntos" if the sentence is spoken by a male voice).

September 12, 2019


if I'm a boy and I play the guitar with my grandmother, it should be "juntos".

Mi abuela y yo (let's say I'm Pablo) tocamos el piano juntos.

September 12, 2019


Tes! JuntAS with female reader

September 30, 2019


Wrong sex sorry

October 13, 2019


I call my grandma "Abuela", but it didn't accept it.

July 27, 2018


Guys do you know abuela is grandmother.even though thats easy.

April 26, 2019
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