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"Mis camisetas rojas no son bonitas."

Translation:My red t-shirts are not pretty.

June 17, 2018



what is the difference between mis and mi?


Mi is singular and Mis is plural.

Mi abuela vs Mis abuelas. Mi camiseta vs Mis camisetas. Etc etc.


Can you help me with when to use Yo Quiro or Quiro or Yo Tengo and Tengo etc?


Yo quiero = quiero; Yo tengo = tengo

Saying "Yo" is optional. It is not constantly applied in typical conversation, as it is redundant.

It DOES come in very useful for added emphasis, however.

For example, in English we might emphasize like this:

You want ME to watch the baby?

Donald said HE paid for dinner?

WE raised our daughters to give the same respect they expect from others.

I worked for this family.

Saying all of this sentences without emphasis on the indicated word has a substantial impact on how the person hearing/reading will understand what is being communicated.

Using "Yo" can be utilized as such a tool for emphasis.

I love you. I love you.

I bought bread. I bought bread.

You and I were at the store. You and I were at the store.

[deactivated user]

    If you're talking about "yo", then it's optional to added or not.


    Quiero: want. Tengo: have

    Yo quiero pan: i want bread Yo tengo pan: i have bread


    I was trying to figure the two out. Thanks evilleapplepie


    No word in this sentence sounds like "rojas" !!


    Why is the ending 's' from 'camisetas' not pronounced? I also hear natives in songs regularly skipping 's' in a lot of words (especially when they end in 's'). Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.


    I am also having problems with this. The only s I heard in this audio was bonitas, so I went back and added the others.


    The natives of the language sometimes skip the "s" at the end of words, or if the next word starts with an "s" they will roll into it with the same "s" from the last word. They also do it with other letters too. Lol I'm a trap music producer & I listen to Spanish trap music to help in my studies. I also thought this was weird at first but it's grown on me. I've accepted the fact that I'm trying to learn the language, and the language is NOT trying to learn me! I hope this helps someone!

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    I've noticed this too and wondered the same thing. I'd be interested in an answer.


    I had the same query




    Is this a dialect thing, or does the womans voice have terrible pronunciation in the spoken version?


    The audio for this one was glitchy and inaudible for me


    she really said: rrrrrrrrojas


    no way to know which meaning of camisetas to use tees, vests, t-shirts, tops,??????


    I can only use that trick: T-shirt for camiseTas and Shirts for camiSas


    Yea I never know which to use.


    If you look at the other words, you can see that they end with 's' That's how I decide which one I'll choose and it works!


    If there not pretty, why did you buy them??


    If they're (they + are) not pretty....


    she is pronouncing rojas like rrojas, with a rolling r.


    Why mis and not mí. In previous lessons i had typed mí amigos and DL said it was correct. I'm a bit confused.


    Mi is singular: mi amigo/a. Plural: Mis amigos/as. (Also, no accent on the "i.") If DL allowed it, they were being nice (as in when I get something minor wrong, they give it to me and tell me I have a "typo." Aw, shucks, thanks DL. ) Interesting article here re the use of the gender-neutral "amigues" (!): https://perureports.com/opinion-amigos-or-amigas-the-new-trend-for-amigues-is-taking-over-the-continent/7956/


    I got this right because 'Mis' meant I could assume the plural form of camiseta, but there's no way she is saying the last 's' in 'camisetas'. I listened to it about 10 times and can't hear the plural 's'.

    Is this normal?


    Yeah, you; must be something a bit 'off' with this system : \


    Dang, keep trilling that hard you gonna pull something girl!


    Please get speakers with good diction, The constant swallowing of word endings makes understanding almost impossible.


    ¿A la gente le importa?


    I thought it was rojas... not rrojas.


    "Pretty" is a very strange word for t-shirts - maybe a lacy blouse or something, but t-shirts are casual. I just keep typing pretty b/c I don't know of an alternative Duolingo might accept.


    I didn't hear even ONE plural "s" in the pronunciation.


    Oh wow! She pronounced the crap out of that "Rojas"!


    This sentence in Spanish was not what was shown. Anyone else experience this? It was a question about why someone was wearing my shoes.


    Why can't we use the phrase my t-shirts aren't pretty


    Another plural word that we don't use arrgggg, why do you use plural pronouns when the nouns are in plural so confusing


    I said not "attractive" to vary from the same old adjectives. Duo should add this to its acceptable answers!

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