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"No encontramos nuestros libros."

Translation:We can't find our books.

June 17, 2018



Shouldn't this be "No podemos encontrar nuestros libros"? No encontramos nuestros libros does not feel correct without the verb Poder.


I agree. I was confused as to where the "can't" came from.


Agree, have been marked wrong before for using "can't" where Poder isn't in the sentence!


Same in French. You wouldn't use 'pouvoir' either. That part is implied.

On ne trouve pas... No encontramos... We can't find...


I don't understand why it can't be "we didn't find our books" Couldn't it be either tense?


I'm having issues with that too...it's the same conjugation for present and preterit, how are we suppose to know which tense they are using?!?


"We didn't find our books" should also be correct, since "encontramos" can be both present and past tense.


What's wrong with "We didn't find our books"?


I said, "We don't find our books." Does the verb encontrar include can find as well as find???


DL tends to insert "can" into mild commands such as "me das la leche" because it's not considered impolite in spanish. I cringe though because "will you give me the milk" is far better english than "can you give me the milk." However in a situation like this one, "cannot" clearly denotes capacity to do so rather than idiomatic phrasing. They've got to fix this.


Despite earlier comments “we didn’t find”is still being marked as wrong Grrr


"we didn't find our books" is now marked correct 30/11/18


Encontramos is both present and past tense. Same word. Without context, either « can’t or didn’t » are correct. We had no context. I want my heart returned Duo. I’m trying to test out and this kind of をわやゆ doesn’t help.


I "get" what Duo is trying to teach me here.
BUT... In a conversation, there might be some context which would clue me in either to use or not to use "can". There is NO context here.
Who knows whether this a statement of fact or a statement of frustration or a statement of inability to accomplish a task???

The lack of context makes this a guessing game!


encontramos both present and past...should be marked right for both


exactly! there's no context (ayer, anoche, la semana pasada...) to require past tense


we don''t find our books, we didnt find our books are both correct. I think we would need to have more context to use 'we cant/couldnt find our books' As in we looked all over....but...


I answered "We didn't find our books" and it was accepted 3/2/19.



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