"Juan, ¿estás ocupado?"

Translation:Juan, are you busy?

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When do you know if it's a conjugation or if it's an adjective?

4 months ago

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ocupado can either be an adjective or the past participle of ocupar = occupy.

  • If the sentence is a perfect tense (presente or past perfect), and that ocupado comes just after the auxiliary haber, then it's a verb. (Me había ocupado)
  • If the sentence is in the passive voice and ocupado comes just after the auxiliary ser, then it's a verb (Soy ocupado por eso)
  • If ocupado comes after other stative verbs (estar for instance), or next to a noun, then it's an adjective (El hombre ocupado, El hombre está ocupado)
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Thanks so much!!! That was really useful.

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I didnt know if Juan was a male or female name, so I got it wrong. No my fault, guys

1 month ago


I thought estas was feminine so ya....

1 month ago


Estás is: (you) are doesn't matter the gender.

1 month ago


Ok I got 2 of the same questions. 1st one carmen esta muy ocupado. Then juan estas muy ocupado. If esta has no gender associated with it. Then why " esta/estas" for the same type of question? What am I missing here?

2 weeks ago


It's simply the conjugation of the verb "estar". One, a statement about Carmen, uses the third person singular: "está". The other, a question to Juan, uses the informal second person singular: "estás". And DL is referring to a female Carmen, so you'll find that she's "ocupada" rather than "ocupado". I hope this helps!

1 week ago


I get both confused

2 months ago


Why is it "Juan, estas ocupado?" But "Disculpe senor, esta ocupado?" When the verb is in the same person?

4 weeks ago


Because Juan is informal, but senor is formal.

3 weeks ago


You have crossed into more formal communication if the form of address is Señor, Señora, or other title. Those are clues to use to use the third person 'usted' form of the verb estar 'está'


2 weeks ago
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