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  5. "Yo necesito un taxi."

"Yo necesito un taxi."

Translation:I need a taxi.

June 17, 2018



if you say Yo necesito to a native speaker, they might look at you crazy, just use necesito


Not true! If you say necesito, they will think you know grammer not. Use yo!


I'm Hispanic. I would know


No thats a load of rubbish


It's context dependent! You cannot say that "Yo necesito" is wrong.
You may want to be emphatic about "yo".


What should i say then?


I think the spelling should be easyer for younger people bc i have a hard time with the spanish spelling on this app.


...or you could learn to spell. Just a suggestion. You can't make a language cater to your preferences.


Some people have learning disabilities, so it's alot harder for them to spell.


It's a lot harder, but not impossible. Some people have real learning disabilities, and they are courageous, they try their best. But some people are just too lazy to try to learn correct spellings.

The user doesn't mention learning disabilities, but young people. Spanish is already one of the easier language to spell...
What do you want more? A specific version of Spanish invented specially for kids, like a new conlang?


True, but unfortunately it just makes it harder, and something to either work around or adjust to.

Spellcheck is a thing.

I have dyscalculia, I can't be angry math isn't easier for me because of that... just means I have to work that much harder than someone else, but I still need to have learned what I learned...


R u a beginner? Cause i am.


Kinda. How old are you?


this app is about learning different different launguages, not making them easy so you can read them.


Dose necesito have a feminine side like yo nececita?


You have masculine/feminine endings for nouns and adjectives but not for verbs like necesitar. A verb changes its ending depending on who does something (I, you, another person,...). In this case it would be:

necesito - I need; necesitas - you need; necesita - he/she needs; necesitamos - we need; necesitais - you need; necesitan - they need


What's the difference between necesitas and necesitais?


"[tú] necesitas" is singular "you need" and "[vosotros] necesitáis" is plural "you guys need". both forms are informal. keep in mind "[vosotros] ...-áis" form is usually only used in Spain. and since Duolingo is teaching Latin-American Spanish, you'll be seeing the formal "ustedes necesitan" instead.


Does* Learn English first.


I spelled it wrong and now im wrong? Bull.


Hello i would like to learn alot more about how to proporly use spanish gramer could you help??


It said type what you hear- i typed what i heard (spanish) but it gave english as to correct answer! There goes my streak!


Sound did not work


I often get things wrong because of spelling. Smh


I had a typo but they still counted it wrong :(


I put "Yo necesito un über." It was marked correct haha ;)

People are complaining about it being too harsh on spelling, meanwhile I think it's too generous about accent marks.

An accent makes the difference between 'you' and 'your'. An accent also makes a difference between 'year' and 'anus'. It's important to learn the difference.


I had to press "a" twice for it to go


DuoLingo graded me incorrect on this audio, type the Spanish you hear, sentence, but it sounded to me like the Spanish word en, not in. I don't hear well, and I do slow the sentence down sometimes to catch the words. This is the first time that I've had a problem with this particular word not sounding right. I probably should use headphones but I use the app mostly when I am lying in bed.


Yo necesito en taxi, makes no sense in Spanish. Use headphones (you can buy light earplugs for 1$) if you have troubles to hear. Also, it's normal to hear not very well foreign sounds, your ears need to get used to.


What? If there some bugs with the speaking exercises, deactivate them in your settings.


I thought 'yo' was supposed to be pronounced with a 'j' sound. Does the voice have it wrong?


Is there a difference in how some words are pronounced by men and the same pronounced by women? Or am I just hearing it wrong on the app? Newbie here.


Whats wrong with just using necisito?


Wow, that slow speaker sounds like what he really needs is an ambulance!

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