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You Want Me To Type What?

I have a weird problem with Duo. I've noticed that if I use strengthen words often come up that I've never had before, and I think that may be to do with the lessons. If I redo lessons I tend to get new words, so I can only presume that I'm not originally being given the entire lesson, I'm missing some words and then those words come up in strengthen. What gives?

June 17, 2018



Exactly. Reviewing things means more learning which I love!


I also hate the typos. I can completely screw up Deutschland but if I put 'is' isn't of 'ist' I fail.


maybe you find this troublesome, but it's not a bug, but a feature. How should Duo know if it is a typo or you haven't grasped something. So if the "typo" results in a different word (or close to some) it is (has to be!) treated as an error.


This is because "strengthen words" is not the same as "repeating lessons", but confronts you with any occurrence of the word in any lesson, including those you haven't done so far. "strengthen words" is not thought of as a means for initial leraners, but for those who just want to do specific repetitions after having done all the lessons. And for the lessons: when you do a lesson, you are giving a (random) selection of the sentences within the lesson. When you repeat the lesson it will most certainly be a different selection.

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