I need motivation.

I am starting to give up on learning Hungarian. It has only beeen a like two days, but it is hard. Should I give up? If this normal? Btw: I am creating a club where we all learn Hungarian together/ help me and others who are struggling. Comment if u would like to join.

8 months ago

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Stick with it. My mother is a native speaker and she teaches as well. Takes some of her slower students 5 years to form a couple of coherent, flawless sentences. It is a unique, notoriously difficult language, but worth the effort. Too early to throw in the towel after only two days. Hang in there, buddy!

8 months ago

Also about to give up. Why does the first level contain so many phrases instead of single words? Why aren't there any pictures? A lot of the audio samples are missing. First practice session after finishing the first lessons goes immediately to 'Type what you hear' excercises. I feel completely overwhelmed already. The audio samples can't even be slowed down. The tree is way too difficult, way too early. :(

I may have to learn some basic Hungarian for University but the duolingo Hungarian course is definitely not the right method for me.

5 months ago
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