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"Your car is faster than mine."

Translation:Tu carro es más rápido que el mío.

June 17, 2018



Why is there an el in front of mio?


The article is often needed with the possessive pronoun.
Tu casa es más grande que la mía. (Your house is bigger than mine.)
Su perro es blanco. El nuestro es negro. (Their dog is white. Ours is black.)
You don't need it after a noun: un amigo mío (a friend of mine).
And it can be omitted after ser: Este coche es tuyo. (This car is yours.)


Lol why did you censor negro


Oh my god Duo, really?


Good question, i know that everytime i will leave it out because pulling from english language references we just dont have any grammer rule that equates to this so therefore i will never remember to do it this way or why


I missed spelled carro.


Why not "Usted carro es más rápido que el mío"?

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