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  5. "loD puq je"

"loD puq je"

Translation:the man and the child

June 17, 2018



When I put "Man and child" which I know isn't a perfect answer the correct answer came up to be "men and a child" which is definitely incorrect since the noun "man" doesn't have the -"pu'" suffix. Might want to check that.


The plural suffixes are optional in Klingon. This is explained in the tips and notes for this unit.

loD can mean "a man; the man; men; the men".


loD doesn't include ANY kind of article. If I were learning the word hombre in Spanish, I wouldn't learn it as the man or a man. It's just man. Well, in Klingon, loD is just man or men. When you translate it into English, you have to ADD an article most of the time, because English requires them. But the Klingon word loD doesn't carry that meaning.


Didn't accept "man and child", which I think should be acceptable.


Does now. See the discussion on loD be' je.


Male voice says "loD puq ye" instead of "loD puq je"; I typed in "je" anyway because "ye" would not make sense and it was accepted.

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