Language Through Culture: The World Cup

A huge part of Brazilian culture is football, soccer to us Americans. If you want to understand what makes it so integral to Brazil, I highly recommend reading Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life by Alex Bellos. I'm about halfway through and even as a non-sports oriented person it's absolutely fascinating.

But, that's not why I'm here today. I was planning to watch today's match (Brazil v Switzerland) and to my dismay discovered my cable box isn't working. Funnily enough, it was way easier to find a working stream in Portuguese than English, so that's the language I'm watching in.

Fun way to learn new words and getting some listening practice in at the same time! The announcers talk fast but enunciate clearly, much like radio. Plus, it's always a popular conversation topic among Brazilians so you'll have something to talk about in practice.

June 17, 2018


Yes, and i learned a new word (enunciate) by reading your article :-)

June 17, 2018

You are right on!!! Brazilians love futebol! I went to a game once in Recife, it was an experience of a lifetime. They have old videos of Pelé on YTube. I am glued to the world cup. The world at its best.

June 18, 2018

I read this article (in English) about the World Cup in Brazil and business. A Brazilian I know told me that for Brazil's next soccer game, he won't have to work in the morning as usual but he will start working only at 1pm so he can watch the game. Also he decorated his house: balloons with the colors of the Brazilian flag (green/yellow/blue), even the dog had something around her neck :)

June 18, 2018

Thank you for the tip on the book! At least as of today, the Kindle version is $1.99.

July 20, 2018
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