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"¿Coges esta botella y la llevas a la mesa?"

Translation:Can you take this bottle and carry it to the table?

June 17, 2018



In Mexico, coger is considered a bad word. Don't get used to using it if you are in Mexico.


As people have said, the translation is not good English . In essence we would just simply say 'can you take this bottle to the table'


Could be that DL was trying to make a point by using two verbs that can each mean "take" and to show at least one of them can also mean "carry"?


Tricky sentence Duo! LA (as pronoun) & LLEVAS (as conjugated verb, not keys). Not "nice"!!


Keys are llaves, not llevas


i thought the same thing- take the bottle and the keys!


Tricked me too. I have managed to differentiate EL from ÉL but it's always the women that are my downfall (feminine singular definite article LA versus feminine direct object pronoun LA). You need to read ahead to figure out which one it is.


It rejected "can you take this bottle and take it to the table". Admittedly the repetition of "take" is bad style, but otherwise "to take" is a correct translation of "llevar". See "https://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranword=take". Reported 17 June 2018.


That link made my head spin. So many ways we use "take" in English!


It rejected "would you take this bottle and carry it to the table". Reported 17 June 2018.


Food for thought...

I think the unspoken context behind this question must be as if it were posed to someone helping with dinner or perhaps setting up the table.

Under this presumption, ”Can you grab this bottle and take it to the table.” is the only rendering that makes sense grammatically in both English and Spanish.

Outside of this context however, I think most of the other possible translations would be unnecessarily cumbersome and therefore unlikely.


This kid's voice is so incoherent that it it making it so difficult to understand the sentences he is narating.


Although usage changes over the years. when i was young we were taught never to use can or could in a request. but there are a range of other options that are better such as will or would.

The reasoning being that it is request and just because someone can do a thing it does not mean they will.

Sorry to bring English usage into a Spanish lesson but Dúo nitpicks us fast enough over the spanish :-)

[deactivated user]

    ¿Puedes tomar esta botella y llevarla a la mesa? I'm not certain why duolingo is confusing the translation. ¿Coges? translates to do you. A different sentence should have been used to learn this word.


    I agree - this is an incredibly awkward request. I am still struggling to understand how sentences that include "can you" do not need to have some form of Poder in them (and I have been marked wrong for including it). This example is not helpful!


    Don't use coger in South America! Always use tomar.


    It rejected "Take this bottle and take it to the table". The "You" is understood. Duo suggested that I say "You get this bottle and take it to the table?", which is bad English, or not good English, or not something we would probably say. June 26, 2018


    I put "bring to the table" and it was accepted.


    How did we get "can" in here? The translation of coger in other translation sites is simply "take" or "seize" I said "Take this bottle...etc." And it was rejected.


    Typo is in this exercise ! "Take" is replaced by "cake"


    It rejected "Can you take this bottle and can you carry it to the table?" Knowing Duo, I was trying to be literal, but got it marked wrong.

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