"¿Puede traer un plato grande, por favor?"

Translation:Can you bring a big plate, please?

8 months ago



Csn you please bring a big plate is more natural English and shpuld be accepted

8 months ago


This is not english so the word form is different obviously

2 months ago


Big or large, not much difference.

5 months ago


Duo would not accept any answer if you spell like that

2 weeks ago


Why not puedes traer aa we are talking about you?

7 months ago


It's formal (usted) which is what you use, when you don't know the person.

7 months ago

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Reported "He'd bring a big plate, please?" Makes no sense

5 months ago


Grammar police right? May you bring a big plate, please? was rejected, in favor for Can.

6 months ago


It is not colloquial English to say "May you." Usually, "may" is used when asking for permission, as in "May I ... ." Only then is "may" used in a second person response, as in "You may ... ." It is NOT colloquial English to start a question with "may you."

"Can you ... " is used to ask someone to do something. Because "can" means "are you able to," when a person is asked if they "can" do something the implication is that the have the ability, you know they have the ability, and you are requesting a feat that you know is possible. When native English speakers want to be more polite about the request, they use "could" instead of "can" because conditional tense inherently acknowledges that someone else's compliance with their request is voluntary and gracious.

5 months ago


I was actually thinking about this and was realizing that, "Puedes traer" should be translated to "Can you bring" and the more formal "Puede traer" should be translated to "Could you bring"...

5 months ago
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